CRM User Adoption – 6 ways to encourage it

Published: 7 February 2023

You’re making progress towards implementing a new CRM system for your business but worries about user adoption persist. Getting your team on board and using the technology effectively is key to ensuring a return on your investment. The good news is, there are simple and effective ways to encourage your team to use the new software. In this blog, we’ll explore 6 practical strategies for boosting user adoption of your new CRM application. 

Encourage CRM user adoption by outlining the benefits

While implementing your CRM, don’t forget to emphasize the advantages it will bring to all departments not just sales. Show your staff how the new CRM system will improve their day-to-day work as well as bring long-term benefits to the business. By showing the positive impact the CRM will have on all areas of the business, you can create a unified approach to adoption and increase the chances of success. 

Include the end users in the Decision Process 

Bring people from different departments together to test the software. Let them try out the new software’s features and give you feedback. By involving them in the process, they’ll become advocates of the software and help spread the word throughout the company in a fun and engaging way. 

Identify Champions

Management must lead by example, but champions are equally as, if not more, important in bridging the hierarchical gap. A selective group of employees actively promoting the solution to their colleagues can increase the number of people using the system. 

Customise Training to support CRM user adoption

Organising a clear strategy for training sessions will encourage your team to actively participate while managing expectations about their training. People learn in different ways so trying to customise the training as much as you can, will ensure your staff engage with the training more. 

Provide Performance Incentives 

Offering incentives is a fantastic way to motivate your team. Find out what your employees value most, whether it’s a bonus, a trip, or even a team outing, and use it to encourage behaviours that align with your business goals. By offering incentives related to the successful adoption and use of the new CRM system, you can encourage your team to get on board and drive positive results for the business. 

Shout out about Success 

Keep everyone in the loop by sharing successes as they happen during the CRM implementation. By highlighting the accomplishments of different teams, you’re building a strong communication strategy and demonstrating the real-life benefits of the system, which can boost adoption rates. 


It is always a challenge for any business when implementing a new system. The fear of the software negatively impacting the workflow can put your employees off. With the right strategy during and after the implementation, you have more chances of guaranteeing that your CRM system will be welcomed and generate the results you expected. 

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