This month Xperience Group debunked the most common cloud objections and presented finance professionals with vital information on how to benefit from a cloud accounting solution.

Xperience Group hosted a successful Cloud Accounting Event at the beautiful Coombe Abbey in Coventry this month. During the event, finance professionals were able to gain clarity on the concept of cloud and witness the benefits of cloud accounting solutions first-hand. By the end of the workshop, attendees explained their preconceived notions of cloud were proven to be wrong.

John Hinckley, Accounting Products Manager at Xperience Group comments, “The Cloud Accounting Event gave attendees the opportunity to find out why cloud is good for business and see first-hand demonstrations of the latest cloud products available. It was a chance for finance professionals to put to bed their concerns and witness how simple it is to move their accounting systems to the cloud.”

The aim of the event was to prove how simple and effective cloud accounting solutions can be. Cloud accounting experts from Xperience Group identified issues with traditional, often out-dated systems and provided valuable information on how to overcome the common business challenges with a cloud solution and explore the available cloud accounting solution option.

With data security a primary concern for many delegates the workshop focused on dispelling cloud myths, allowing businesses to make better-informed decisions about how cloud capabilities can be used to complement business activity. It highlighted the many ways businesses can benefit from a cloud accounting solutions, including anytime, anywhere access to critical business data, increased physical and digital security, compliance, easy upgrades and automatic backups.

Moving to a cloud-based accounting solution connects business data sources, providing a powerful, user friendly, real-time accounting tool. As a recent study showed, 65% of accounting practices are already using or planning to use cloud accounting in the future. Therefore, it’s important to explore alternative options. Don’t get left behind. Find out more about cloud accounting solutions, call us on 0800 652 2423 or email [email protected].

For more information about cloud accounting check out our blog post 5 Reasons to Move You Accounting Software to the Cloud here >

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