Clean up your computer with our 5 helpful tips

Published: 9 January 2023

As we enter the new year, January is National Clean Up Your Computer month.  
A clean-up of your computer is beneficial for many reasons; increasing security, protecting against file corruption and protecting your data. Recent figures show that hackers breach an average of 30,000 websites daily, so it is important to do all you can to prevent this.  That's why we've put together some tips for you to do so.

5 tips to Clean up your Computer

Backup your Data

This is an essential tool that businesses should use on a regular basis. It provides security in case your devices crash, get hacked or stolen. A Cloud backup service provides regular data backups to ensure your data is safe. This helps to protect important files and prevent the loss of data. 

Organise your documents

Often files can get saved in different locations when multiple people are working on them. This can lead to your desktop becoming cluttered. This unorganised mess can firstly slow down your computer, leading to confusion on where files are saved across the business, wasting time and finally making it harder to ensure that backups are accurate. To organise your files properly make sure they are named appropriately and grouped in the right section of the business. As well as this, make sure your team know where files should be saved and under what format. 

Disable unnecessary programmes from automatically running

We’ve all been there, getting frustrated with how long our computer takes to start-up with a shed load of work to be getting on with. To improve the start-up time of your computer, make sure to disable unnecessary applications from running on start-up. This will mean when you turn your computer on only the programmes you need will open, improving both the efficiency of the computer and your personal work performance.

Give your machine a thorough Clean up

Freeing up space is a good way to improve your PC performance and increase your disk space, meaning your organisation can run at a more efficient rate. Any files or apps that your business no longer requires, remove them. Media files tend to take up a larger portion of your memory and removing any unneeded files here is a great way to free up space. Whilst you are in these files, make sure to organise them into meaningful folders and groups so that everyone using the system is on the same page. Emptying your recycling bin regularly will also help with this

Make sure you give your Digital Accounts attention too

Whilst you are in the habit of cleaning why not have a look at your Digital accounts as well. You can tidy up areas such as email accounts by deleting old or unwanted emails. As well as this, looking at your socials you should delete any photos or posts that are no longer needed. You can also have a look to see if all your privacy settings are set up correctly too


Following these five tips can help you stay organised which will help boost your productivity and provides increased security and peace of mind. It is recommended to repeat this process every three to six months to keep systems running efficiently. If you’re not sure how to carry out any of these tasks yourselves, one of our experts would be happy to chat to you about it.

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