Benefits of Microsoft Azure for business  

Published: 24 November 2022

What is Microsoft Azure? 

Microsoft Azure has been with us over a decade now. For those unfamiliar with the product, put simply it is a public cloud computing platform. However, it is so much more than just a simple cloud storage system providing users with over 100 services including apps, SQL databases and Virtual Machines. 

What Benefits does Azure come with?  

Microsoft Azure provides solutions to several problems a 21st century organisation can face:  

  • Scalability

Microsoft Azure can easily adapt to the ever-changing circumstances of your business. The flexibility of the platform means that it can work on a manual and auto-scaling basis in line with the usage of applications. Auto-scaling is where you can run your application or workload with virtual machines with no interruption. Scaling in Azure is much easier than traditional hosting as you can change to different service plans dependant on your needs. Azure sets you off to a winner providing the same application performance regardless of the amount of users and without having to worry about underused on premise solutions. 

  • Business Continuity-Back up and Disaster Recovery (DR)

Microsoft Azure is the best in its field at protecting data. Boasting over 50 world-class compliance certifications and 99 years of retention. Azure can also recover your data 66% quicker than an on-premise solution. Azure also takes snapshots, images of your systems actual state, to restore data and operability of your cloud services. Updates are also completed automatically meaning your system is always up to date.

  • Compliance

Microsoft Azure is a leader in meeting a variety of security frameworks. Azure’s compliance with regulations will benefit your business as it provides security and privacy controls which save your business time and money. Keeping security and privacy legislation up to date can be a time consuming process. It also is ever changing so you must stay on top of it. Azure takes all this stress away meaning you can focus on the more important areas of your business. 

  • Continued Investment in the platform

Microsoft are currently investing £1Billion a year into Azure just on security. The amount of investment here shows how strong the platform is and highlights its future in our everyday work lifestyles. The continued investment in the platform means its users experience the latest and greatest features improving their experience with the platform. This in turn means they can reap other rewards such as increased revenue due the ability to meet more tasks on demand.

How can my organisation switch to Azure?  

Microsoft allow users migrate over to Azure following a three-step migration process, the best way to switch to Azure is through a partner, like us here at Xperience. 

Step one: Planning. This step is important as it sets out how the process is going to run. If you start without a clear plan the process will be complex and confusing. Start off by defining your strategy for migration. Once you have objectives set out you can work towards and be guided by them. You will need to engage with your cloud migration and modernisation partner so they can help you best plan your move. We will establish together why you are moving and what needs to be done. From here we can make a plan focused on your needs. 

Step two: Implementation. This is all about putting what you have planned into action. Again using a partner is the best way to do this, as they can guide you through the process. Xperience will work closely alongside you to best understand your needs so this solution can be built around your company. Our team allows your organisation to migrate and not miss out on other business, our team are specialists in what they do meaning your business can run as usual during the move.  

Step three: Operations. This is all about managing Azure within your organisation once it is up and running. Again, the use of a partner is very beneficial for your business here. At Xperience our MIT service can take all the stress of managing Azure away for our partners. We can help you monitor Azure to make sure it is serving its purpose for your organisation, and if it is not we can make tweaks until you are satisfied. Xperience’s service helps you transition to Business as usual with Azure integrated into their working environment. 

Why is Microsoft Azure the best option for me? 

Microsoft Azure is the fastest growing Cloud platform operating in the most locations of all Cloud providers. At present it has a 21% share of the market and offers hybrid deployment so you can work with your On-Prem solutions as well as Cloud.  

A key reason to switch to Azure is that it helps to lower your overheads due to its cost effectiveness.  Azure removes the initial cost of setting up an in-house IT infrastructure. This can be a time-consuming and expensive process; two things most companies do not want! Xperience offer a fixed rate for Azure which is more cost-effective as they have a consistent billing at the end of each month. The Pay As You Go model works out to be more expensive as the longer you are with Azure the better the pricing gets. The fixed rate is another reason why establishing a partner is so important when it comes to the Azure. 

Finally, all updates and maintenance are completed automatically by the provider. The time and money this saves gives organisations more potential to grow their business as they can focus on other areas of the business and not have to worry about IT problems. 


To summarise there are multiple reasons you should consider using Microsoft Azure. As the fastest growing Cloud provider it is clear it is here to stay. You only have to look at examples of major companies who use the platform: eBay, Samsung and Boeing to see its credibility. If this article has opened your eyes to the potential of Azure working for your business, then feel free to get in contact with us here at Xperience. Our Cloud and IT team will be happy to discuss how Azure can help you. 

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