Distribution Solutions

Discover how our wholesale and distribution software can put you in control of your supply chain from demand planning to inventory and financial management.

Traditionally, distribution businesses have relied on manual processes, which was resource-heavy, to run their operations, including order processing and stock management. However, with new market entrants and new customer expectations, the sector is under growing pressure to deliver a better and faster service at an ever lower cost. According to McKinsey & Company, 57% of customers expect omnichannel convenience including a 24/7 service, a complete e-commerce website, order tracking, and real-time inventory management.

Digital transformation is key here.  Many organisations are automating workflows, streamlining picking and packing, to remain agile, meet customer expectations and accelerate the order-to-cash process. However, a worrying number is still using manual and paper-based processes.

Xperience in Distribution

Xperience has extensive experience across ERP solutions helping distributors and wholesalers in their digital transformation journey. Our ERP solutions for wholesale distribution provide tools to deliver effective stock management, meaningful visibility into inventory levels and shipment schedules, all of which will allow to meet customer demands, speed up the order to delivery process and ultimately respond quickly to customer requests.

Our solutions will give you data insights to make meaningful decisions with regards to buying patterns, landed costs, managing suppliers and getting the best possible price.

Wholesale and Distribution Solutions

ERP Solutions for Distribution

We deliver solutions that allow you to work smarter and quicker. We focus on implementing automated and paperless processes to automate your daily operations for increased customer satisfaction. Our solutions will facilitate warehouse management, picking, processing and packing to accelerate the order to cash process. With real-time data insights you will be able to see buying patterns and predict demand to ensure quality service every time.


Cloud Solutions for Distribution

We offer a range of services from a complete Infrastructure as a Service to remotely hosted platforms for running your complete distribution business. These services avoid the requirement for you to commit to high levels of capital expenditure and allow for the full outsourcing of your IT function as required, allowing you to implement the technology to drive your business.

CRM Solutions for Distribution

In your Distribution business, it is important to have the right tools to log and track sales opportunities accurately and work on your leads to win the business. With our CRM solutions for Distribution, you will be able to not only manage customer relationships but also pipeline opportunities at a click of a button with real-time access to data.

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