housebuilder365 House Building Software

The Next Generation of House Building Software Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Is your lack of pipeline visibility affecting your efficiency and accuracy across multiple stages of your house building projects? Do you want to improve and streamline your sales process, and deliver exceptional customer care to your house buyers? Do you struggle to get all the information you need quickly to make business decisions? Are issues that arise post-sale difficult to manage? Look no further than housebuilder365, the latest innovation in house building software.

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Did you Know?

The average business uses up to 13 different applications, wasting 40% of worker’s productivity time when switching tasks. Businesses who use fully integrated systems see an improvement in process efficiency, a boost in sales and an increase in profit.

Who is it for?

housebuilder365 is a fully integrated house builder solution, ideal for housebuilders of all sizes -from large developers to smaller specialist house builders. Top triggers to review your existing house building solution include:

  • You use Excel spreadsheets to manage most processes
  • There is no real-time visibility or control of costs
  • Your data is being duplicated in multiple places
  • You have no specific functionality to manage your sub-contractors
  • Managing post sale after care issues is not part of an integrated system.

Looking for construction software? We can help.

What Does It Offer?

Do you require a system that offers comprehensive and integrated functionality that is easy to use and available anytime and anywhere.? This is what housebuilder365 delivers:

  • Industry specific home building software
  • Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Affordable per user/ per month pricing
  • Fast implementation
  • Accessible from PC, tablet or smartphone

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Reasons to Choose housebuilder365


Drive revenue

Contact and pre-sales management will allow you to effectively record potential buyers, manage interest and process these through to completion.


Detailed cost analysis

Analyse revenues and costs at Development, Phase and Plot Levels, including both a Cost Head and Work Package structure. With the invoicing functionality, you can record and manage house sales with ease.


Real time committed, accrued and actual cost visibility

With our home building accounting software purchase orders can be raised through the system and posted as committed costs. As deliveries are received and invoiced, the costs on the contract are updated providing an up to date and accurate cost analysis.


Effective plant management

Empower your users by enabling them to easily monitor plant (internal and external) used on each contract and identify which plant items should be returned. The plant module ensures accurate costs are posted to each contract as plant is used.


Timesheet management

Record and post labour to the Development, Phase and Plot. Your timesheet entries can also be posted to your payroll package through the export routine



Sub-Contractor Processing

Process Sub-Contractor Orders, Invoices and Payments. Easily maintain Sub-Contractor records and ensure compliance with HMRC’s Construction Industry Scheme. You can also manage Sub-Contractor insurance!


Cost Value Reconciliation (CVR)

Easily monitor and report on Development, Phase & Plot performance. Your finance or contracts users can accrue additional costs or revenues per plot basis, ensuring profits shown in both contract costing and finance display an accurate picture.


After Care

Customer care doesn’t stop when the bricklaying does. Monitor post-sale snagging issues, raise aftercare calls against developments or plots and accurately report on aftercare calls with full cost analysis.


The Partner Vs Product Decision Is Key

Before you decide, it’s important to realise that you’re not just selecting a product, you’re investing in a partner who will support a critical business change for the next 5-10 years. Our thorough approach coupled with our construction industry expertise and partnerships make us stand out from the crowd.

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