Xperience Educate Local SME's on How to 'Tackle' Digital Transformation

On Wednesday 19th October Xperience Group held two workshops to educate local SME’s on the ‘Tactics for Digital Transformation’. The event took place at the home of Northern Ireland Football Club, The National Stadium at Windsor Park.

Digital Transformation is the hot topic of the minute and with it being referenced as the next wave to follow the industrial revolution, it’s kind of a big deal. Xperience Group have found that the industry experts and thought leaders who are talking about digital transformation, are doing so at a multinational, large scale business level. But with advancements in technology, SME’s are now at more of an advantage than ever to be able to digitally transform their business and compete alongside the big guys.

Having worked with hundreds of SME’s over the years Xperience Group felt it was important host an event which would educate delegates on what Digital Transformation means to them. The workshops included a number of insightful presentations from Office 365 users, Microsoft, and Xperience Group.

Director, Patrick Leggett’s presentation referred to a thought-provoking statement made by Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella- “Our industry does not respect tradition, it only respects innovation” He then went on to explain that SME’s can no longer afford to operate traditionally, but need to innovate and begin to digitally transform in order to remain current. The Xperience Group technical team demonstrated how Microsoft Office 365 can fuel digital transformation by increasing productivity, collaboration and innovation.

David Nagle, Partner Channel Manager for Microsoft Ireland highlighted that “85% of CEO’s consider digital as their number one priority.” The key take-away from this was that business owners and managers need to weave digital into their operations, use digital to empower staff and ultimately provide a seamless user experience to their customers.

Keeping with the football theme, delegates were entered into a prize draw to win X2 tickets to the next Northern Ireland Wold Cup Qualifier game against Azerbaijan. Congratulations to Peter Bloomfield of PF Copeland and Alan Braithwaite of Abacus Recruitment who were the lucky winners.

The workshops provided fantastic opportunity for forward-thinking businesses in Northern Ireland to learn from the experts and other businesses who have embraced digital transformation.

If you missed the event and would like information on how your business can leverage IT for digital transformation call us on 028 9267 7533 or email [email protected]