Xperience Aquires IT Infrastructure Specialists TCS

Xperience Group has acquired ICT infrastructure specialist, TCS solutions, bringing employment at the company to 50.

Xperience is aiming to double its business base by 2013 through growth and acquiring businesses both here and within neighbouring markets in Great Britain and the Republic.

Iain O’Kane, managing director at Xperience, said that the acquisition will strengthen technical expertise within the existing business.

“TCS is a significant player within IT infrastructure and by working with them we are confident of capitalising on opportunities to take our brand and services into new areas, enabling us to access new markets in both the private and public sectors,” he said.

He added: “TCS’s expertise in areas like virtualistaion, data centre services and network security, matched with our relationships with IBM and Microsoft, will enable us to take Cloud solutions to the local SME base, helping local businesses to reduce costs and increase competitiveness.”