Would You Access Accounts Data From Your Mobile?

In today’s business environment, the use of mobile devices is quickly transforming the way professionals interact with each other, from phone calls and emails through to accessing business applications. Mobile devices are easily accessible and enable users to maximise productivity when away from the office. However, with the portable nature of mobile phones brings concerns for security.

The recent introduction of Mobile Accounts solutions and ERP applications to the market places has further added to concerns as the information held in accounting software is of a more sensitive nature. Confidence is subdued as business owners are forced to decide between embracing higher levels of productivity and more efficient operations and the security implications of making company data available in this way.

The Accounts Software Specialist at Xperience Group suggests, “The introduction of mobile business applications can only have a positive effect on the organisations that utilise them. Mobile applications enable businesses to improve the quality of customer service offered, develop stronger customer relationships as well as enhance productivity. And the gains do not stop here for the early adopters, by taking a leap of faith and adopting mobile technology ahead of the competition they are able to establish a clear competitive advantage moving forward.”

Sage (UK), leading accounts software vendor, has brought two Mobile Accounts solutions to market in recent years, Sage 50 Mobile and Sage 200 Mobile. Both Sage 50 and Sage 200 Mobile, from inception, have been engineered to ensure data security is not compromised. All data is held in the on-premise accounts software implementation and is accessed using a secure gateway, which is encrypted to stop inception by third parties. This means users can rest assured company data is safe and focus on activities that can help improve the bottom line.

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