Why you must map your internal processes ahead of a system change

There is no better time to take stock of where you are than before the next big push. This is a rare occasion when the canvas is laid bare, open to review and with an opportunity to wipe blemishes clean out of sight, replotting your next steps forward.

With the right business support, this could be the transformative change you’ve been waiting for.

Identify Potholes

We ignore holes when we have places to go, swerving to avoid the cracks even though they lie in plain sight. Often, it’s not until we topple into the trap that we are forced to make a change but, given the opportunity, wouldn’t you rather fill the gap rather than risk the fall?

Switching systems is much like being offered your own road improvements team, arriving in the nick of time to unearth visible – and hidden – dangers, smoothing the ground for a quicker, safer passage to your destination.

Time to Fix, or Start Again?

Once you’ve noted the issues, ask the decisive question: do we fix what’s broken, or find a new route? New technologies unlock new opportunities and while a previous way may have been the only option in the old world, a better vehicle may well unlock a more efficient route.

No longer must we diligently weave through the dangers of spreadsheets when we can power through monthly sales updates thanks to an automated dashboard.

Leverage Expert Guidance

It is often difficult to see the wood from the trees, but the benefit of a systems change means inviting outsiders into the depths of your business. We may be embarrassed by the tangle of roots that lie within, however, there are no better means of identifying when we need to fell a tree or two.

One thing is clear: you need a Business Coach you can trust so that when they spot an inefficiency that is burning more fuel (read: time, money or people) than it should, you are willing to make the upgrade to make your business run more smoothly.

If you question the integrity of your advice, we suggest finding more trustworthy support.

Maximise the New Technology

No system will work without the right energy source. If you are pouring age-old processes into a brand-new machine, you are choking the true value of your expensive new toy. Mapping your old ways of working is a crucial step to understanding whether they leverage the new technology – the likelihood is that, if there isn’t a match, it’s the process that must change. Any experienced advisor will help reimagine core processes and visual representation will expedite that transition, ensuring you can hit the ground running when all is operational.

Where to next?

  • When was the last time you checked your processes for potholes?
  • Have you ever sought external advice on operational (in)efficiency?
  • This is your opportunity to check what’s working, and what’s not!

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