What makes us different



What makes us different




Missing an email could result in lost revenue, a lost opportunity to collaborate or damage your reputation – that’s why we provide our clients with a complimentary mail backup service that stores inbound emails for up to 7 days should your primary mail server become unavailable.

DNS is the global address book for the internet, allowing you to find and utilise internet resources such as emails and websites. Our complimentary authoritative DNS Service allows you to transfer DNS responsibilities to our high availability, high security DNS platform. Located in two datacenters, our three authorative DNS servers will keep you online, at all times.

Email is fundamental to the operations of your business, but every so often you may find that a particular piece of hardware or software doesn’t support modern email standards. To address this, our clients have access to a free and secure mail relaying service, ideal for Veeam backup notifications or stubborn printers!


Smart Ticket Routing

At Xperience, we have three levels of support, Level 1, Level 2 and the highest point of escalation – Level 3. However the support that you require may differ from that of another client, so to ensure that you have access to the right team when you need it most and to improve response times, our systems will continually learn about your needs and make automated routing decisions in real-time.

We’re extremely passionate about the quality of services that we provide, but unfortunately, we can’t read every single support ticket. That’s why we’ve deployed a team of customer service bots that will automatically analyse your ticket submissions and responses to identify issues of concern, make automated escalation decisions and forward customer satisfaction results (including survey comments) to our management team. This real-time feedback allows us to make decisions faster, address weakness and most importantly – help put things right when needed.


Flexible and Transparent

At Xperience we provide flexible and transparent Managed IT solutions that allow our clients to achieve their business ambitions. To ensure visibility, free automated helpdesk reports outline ticket volumes, types, time consumed and issue trends.

From backups, to server availability and the general health of your IT environment, our team will keep a close set of eyes on your business to ensure that everything runs smoothly. If we detect an issue, we’ll automatically raise a support ticket on your behalf and begin our investigations within 15 minutes on average.

You can reach us 24/7/365. We don’t front load our support contracts so you only need to pay for emergency out of hours assistance when you need us, by raising a support ticket by email or through our online helpdesk. With automated SMS notifications and push alerts, our team will know that you need us – within seconds.

Our platforms have been designed, built and are managed by a team of industry veterans, each of which possesses over 20 years of cloud computing experience. We own and manage all of our own equipment, from the servers, switches, routers and firewalls to our private BGP network and 10,000 IP addresses.

Eat, Sleep and Breathe Cloud


We eat, sleep and breathe cloud and we know the length and colour of every cable that we’ve installed, so that if something goes wrong, we can get you back and running quickly, due to our intimate platform knowledge.

We’re not at the mercy of a third party, because we don’t resell the cloud services of others. This provides us with exceptional levels of technical capabilities, so that we can deploy highly customised solutions that meets the exact needs of our clients.

We constantly strive for perfection. We continue to invest in our own platforms and services every day of the week, to improve redundancy, resilience, performance and ultimately out a range of products to ensure that our clients can stay ahead of the curve.

The security of our customers and suppliers is of paramount importance, that’s why we’ve not only achieved our ISO 27001:2013 certification, selected two of the most secure data centres in the country – but we’ve also invested heavily in the development of industry-leading security solutions, such as our Security as a Service product.