What Is A Business Coach? And How Will They Support My Business?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a new approach to software installation where less setup is required, and the traditional consultant is replaced with a business coach offering guidance and advice on how to get the most out of the new system…

What is the role of a business coach?

Business Coaches have been through it all and have a wealth of first-hand knowledge to share.

Though many of us struggle when it comes to listening to advice, we can guarantee you that their support will help you avoid all manner of invisible pitfalls, saving many red faces (not to mention expenses) along the way.

A staggering 63% of CRM implementations fail but according to AccountsLegal.co.uk, using a business coach can not only ensure your project is a success but also increase your profit margin by an average of 46%.

A Dedicated Resource

Rather than the consultative approach of simply establishing processes and workflows, a Business Coach will be a mentor who guides your team from where they are, to where they want to be.

That means investing the time to establish the goals, aspirations, and reservations of all those involved and only then – mapping them to the best solution. In fact, the International Coach Federation conducted a survey which found that 62.4% of companies managed to set smarter goals when working with a Business Coach.

So rather than traditionally setting up, configuring and then training the users, a coach will be coming in and assisting in the adoption of the new system.

A Trampoline as much as a Safety Net

Not only will your Business Coach correct you, should you veer off course, but they will also be a dynamo when it comes to re-imagining internal processes and surfacing operational efficiencies. What’s more, 52.4% of those who use a Business Coach also find their self-confidence increases significantly, as they’re able to be your “sounding board” and reaffirm what you already know deep down.

A Motivational Force

A common occurrence in technology adoption is backpedalling when things become overly complex. This must not happen but does, and all too often. A Business Coach is the voice of reason should things get rough, and they will maintain an objective outlook throughout the process.

No-one said it would be easy, but it’s quite possible no-one told you it would be this hard.

They Maximise Your Long-Term Gains The influence of any skilled Business Coach should not only have an impact while they are still present; their effect should last long into the future – advising you on changes and opportunities when your business grows.

Remember that business coaching isn’t just for people who have no grasp of what they are doing. It’s effective for anyone who wants to better manage their personal and professional life. Even those who think they have everything under control can learn something.

A study from Fortune 1000 companies found that CEOs who consent to business coaching can improve their working relations by 77%, which ultimately leads to a 53% boost in productivity and increased profits of 22%.

Key takeaways

A business coach can help you…

  • Make sure your new technologies can help you achieve your business goals
  • Understand your company’s position in the market and provide steps on how to improve.
  • Focus your efforts on activities that will bring the greatest ROI from your brand-new shiny software package
  • Support you as your marketing manager, sales director, training co-ordinator, partner, confidant, mentor to cover all business areas

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