Time to Bin The ‘Tin’ as Cloud Services Rise in Popularity

After the successful Cloud Discovery Workshop, hosted by Xperience Group for local businesses in Peterborough, 100% of delegates advised they would invest in cloud in the next 2 years with 64% planning the move within 6 months.

Andrew Smith, IT Manager at Xperience Group, commented on the event, “We were delighted with the active participation from the delegates at this event. The feedback was excellent and indicated that once delegates understood what cloud was and the value it offers, 92% of businesses in attendance said they would not consider investing in physical servers in the future.

At the event, held at the Bull Hotel, Peterborough, on Wednesday 14th October, the guests from the local businesses gained clarity on the concept of cloud and the different applications. Before the event 42% of delegates believed they have never used cloud, however after the session that focused on understanding of the cloud it transpired that 100% have utilise cloud services, but had been unaware prior to attending the workshop. This highlights the lack of understanding about cloud computing which is preventing many businesses from reaping the benefits it offers.

Cloud experts from Xperience Group explored the difference between cloud and on-premise solutions and the value of public and private cloud offerings. With data security a primary concern for many delegates the workshop focused on dispelling cloud myths, allowing businesses to make better-informed decisions about how cloud capabilities can be used to complement business activity.

With real life examples from NDC Infrared Engineering, the workshop allowed participants to learn from early cloud adopters that have leveraged the power of cloud computing. Delegates were also given the opportunity to attend ‘Cloud Clinics’ to evaluate what is required before transitioning.

During the workshop, George Tubb from Microsoft discussed the benefits of Office 365 cloud productivity suite for businesses. As adoption increases, Office 365 is set to overtake all cloud applications by the end of 2015, leaving Salesforce and DropBox behind, which comes just a few years after Office 365 launch in 2011.

At the end of the workshop, there was a prize draw for a balloon ride in the cloud. The lucky winner, David Lyons from Coborn Engineering, was the fastest to answer the question about the most adopted cloud product worldwide in 2015. The answer is above…

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