The World’s Best-Selling CRM Just Got An Upgrade!

Today sees the launch of the highly anticipated Act v17. Act has long been the CRM software of choice for many small to medium sized businesses… and it just got even better!

If you’re a small business looking for contact relationship management solution that will help you build your business and allow you to sustain growth, then look no further than Act v17. New and current users of Act can benefit from this new highly developed system. It fuses together nurture marketing and sales processes, to aid the creation of streamlined business growth strategies. We previously recommended Act CRM for businesses wanting to sustain growth and build their business confidently, which you can read here.


Swiftpage are on a mission to become the world leaders for small to medium-sized business CRM, and in their second Act CRM release, they’ve proven that they’re more than qualified to deliver intelligent CRM systems! Act v17 has been developed to give you the ability to improve your nurture marketing strategies. It does this by capturing leads via webs form from your website or email campaigns, it then scores prospects in order to fuel sales teams with qualified leads. Qualified data from customers and prospects is invaluable, and if used correctly it can lead to customers for life.


Act v17 is powered by intelligent marketing automation, lead scoring and nurturing, to support your business growth strategy. Through the smart, integrated Act emarketing experience you can attract new customers and gain more from existing relationships. Lead scoring and smart tasks can be automated, allowing you to get in touch with leads at the right time and with the right information. It is these capabilities that save you time and money by increasing the efficiency of your sales and marketing teams. It’s important to note, that this feature is usually only available in enterprise-level solutions, meaning you get even more for your money.

Access All Areas

An invaluable introduction is the new read-only licences, which increase the number of users who have the ability to access data within the CRM system at no extra cost to you. There is also a new dynamic contact view, which allows users to gain a full understanding of a prospect or lead at a glance.

There are many more incredible Act features, which you can read about here.