The Evolution of Mobile Technology: An Interview with Jay Karsandas

Mobile technology is constantly developing to make us more productive at work and at home. For advice on the evolving world of mobile technology, we spoke to Jay Karsandas, a mobile specialist from Mobiles.co.uk, part of the Carphone Warehouse Group.

We posed five questions to Jay Karsandas in order to find out what mobile device comes recommended for business professionals, what we should be looking out for and how keeping a work/life balance is easier than you think…

Xperience Group: Which mobile device is best for business owners?

Jay: The last couple of years has seen an evolution of how we use mobile devices. Ergonomic design has taken a back seat to accommodate media and business consumption, particularly for business users who can now access and work on documents and programs direct on their mobile device.

The Samsung Galaxy Note series is a highly recommended device for business owners. The 5.7” Quad HD Super AMOLED display, while large for a phone, removes the need to carry a tablet. The Note incorporates the innovative S pen, allowing the user to use the device as a digital notepad. A powerful 2.7GHz Quad Core processor has the power to run applications simultaneously using the Note’s multi-window view. All the standard features of email, apps, web browsing and video make this an essential for any business owner.

Xperience Group: What is the most innovative new mobile technology to watch out for?

Jay: The mobile industry is usually resigned to two big releases each year, Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Some handsets go under the radar like the LG G3 released this year, which show true innovation and creativity. The LG G3 has one of the best displays seen on a mobile device, while its Smart Notice feature makes suggestions to the user even before they ask.

These are the types of innovations manufacturers have to create in order to stand out amongst a crowded market place. What to watch out for, is the emergence of wearable technology. Every decade or so a new technology causes a disruption in the market, and 2015 ‘will’ be the year that wearable technology goes mainstream.

Xperience Group: How do you think mobile phones will evolve in the next five years?

Jay: Mobile technology has already come to a point where the next evolution needs to take place. The ‘Internet of Things’ will connect your home, car, business, while connecting our lifestyle experiences like shopping and banking easier. Mobile phones will act as your hub so we can expect much tighter security features locked to unique users. We can expect to see flexible displays come in to play while designs will take into account how better to accommodate one-handed use which has been lost since devices started to get bigger.

Xperience Group: What three business apps would you recommend?

Jay: Dropbox- Not specifically created for businesses, Dropbox is available on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. The ease of use on the app allows syncing your devices to your business and personal computers and sharing files instantly. Users can view and save work directly in shared folders which updates across all devices which have access. It removes the need for USBs and emails to create a seamless working experience.

WebEx Mobile- With employees on the move the introduction of technology apps like WebEx Mobile allows users to hold meetings on the go. With features including video, chat, content and file sharing, users can collaborate as they would on the desktop version.

Google Analytics- Any web or online business can find their statistic on the go. Google has redesigned and launch their Google Analytics application for both Android and iOS devices. Added segmenting features and ability to visualise stats is a pleasant experience from previous iterations. Mobile access to data can empower business owners and employees to make decisions on the go.

Xperience Group: How do you recommend keeping a work/life balance?

Jay: Sometimes you just need to switch off, and that includes turning off your devices. We have a tendency to check our phones regularly while feeling gratification through always being connected. The ‘Internet of Things’ will make our lives more connected than ever, so turning off once in a while can bring you more benefit than you think. Once you switch back on, you realise that you didn’t actually miss anything and the world goes on.


Jay Karsandas has been working in e-commerce retail for the past 8 years, predominantly in the Telecoms space with Mobiles.co.uk, part of the Carphone Warehouse Group. Specialising in the digital space, with expertise ranging from web development, search, display advertising, content, analytics and on-site conversion, pushing the boundaries of what SME businesses can achieve online by keeping ahead of the ever-changing digital curve.

Jay also provides advice to businesses through analysis of online visitor behaviour to make commercial decisions based on key insight to drive performance

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