Swiftpage to Acquire Sage Act and Sage SalesLogix Businesses

Last week, Sage announced it had reached an agreement to sell Act and SalesLogix to Swiftpage, the leading digital marketing platform for small business.

This shock announcement has raised a number of concerns amongst the Sage customer community, however Act and SalesLogix customers can be assured that the acquisition ensures the future investment and innovative development of the products.

Mike Ramsay, Managing Director of Xperience Group, commented on the transition, stating “The recent announcement from Sage has caused a bit of stir amongst our Act and SalesLogix customers. I would like to take this opportunity to assure our Act and SalesLogix customers that the acquisition will have little impact on the software and services currently supplied by Xperience Group – It will be business as usual for Xperience Group.”

“The future of the Actand SalesLogix CRM products is promising – this move simply means there will be greater investment and innovation in future Act and SalesLogix releases, ensuring customers will continue to gain from their investment, moving forward.”

The official line from Sage is, “Swiftpage has partnered with us for years, and knows our products and customers well. With access to new technology and resources, Swiftpage can deliver even more innovative, and integrated, products and services that help micro, small and medium sized businesses convert, retain and grow customers.”

The acquisition of Sage Act and SalesLogix by Swiftpage is still in the final stages, with Sage working closely with Swiftpage to ensure a smooth transition. More information the acquisition by Swiftpage will follow in the near future.

About Swiftpage

Swiftpage is a well established software and services provider for small businesses. Having already established links with Sage as a noted development partner, Swiftpage then moved on to produce a fully integrated email marketing tool, which perfectly complimented Act and SalesLogix software.