Swiftpage Confirm Acquisition of Act and SalesLogix

On 20th March 2013 Sage announced the acquisition of Act and SalesLogix to Swiftpage. Swiftpage have confirmed the sale of both Act and SalesLogix has now been completed, and have offered full support to existing users.

The acquisition of Act and SalesLogix by Swiftpage sparked the start of a 100 day transitional period. Swiftpage is a long term partner of Sage, and have successfully developed email marketing and social media tools for Sage CRM solutions. This knowledge of both Act and SalesLogix, and current partnership with Sage, puts Swiftpage in the best position to ensure the future success of both products, as well as the continuing software development for both existing and prospective users.

Mike Ramsay, Managing Director of Xperience Group, commented on the acquisition of Act CRM and SalesLogix, stating “The sale of Act and SalesLogix to Swiftpage simply means ‘business as usual’ for our customers. As a Sage and Swiftpage Business Partner, our commitment to both our Act and SalesLogix customers will not be affected by this acquisition. Xperience Group will continue to provide support for our customers, with no change to the services our customers receive. Xperience Group consider this acquisition a positive step for the future of Act and SalesLogix, as Swiftpage have made a commitment to the future innovation of the software.”

Swiftpage has commented on the acquisition stating they are committed fully to the progress of both Act and SalesLogix, and are looking to expand upon the CRM solutions, creating great products customers want and can take advantage of. Swiftpages positioning, following this acquisition, means they are best placed to provide continuous support to customers, throughout their business journey from start up business to small, medium and large enterprises.

If you are an Act or Saleslogix user and have any questions regarding the acquisition, please call 01733 362120 or email [email protected] 

About Swiftpage

Swiftpage is a well established software and services provider for small businesses. Having already established links with Sage as a noted development partner, Swiftpage then moved on to produce a fully integrated email marketing tool, which perfectly complimented Sage Act and SalesLogix software.