Xperience Group partnered with Wellpak to provide technical support and training for Sage 200 Financials and Commercial for its growing business. Following expansion, Xperience helped set up new businesses, ensuring the solution is developed and implemented quickly and efficiently, enabling Wellpak to concentrate on its core business processes.

In summary, Xperience’s long-standing partnership with Wellpak has enabled the organisation to:

  • Benefit from Sage 200 training to underpin successful Sage 200 implementation across the entire Wellpak & Alomora businesses.
  • Learn how to effectively use Sage 200 to enhance user efficiency and productivity.
  • Enjoy responsive support from Xperience team members, most of whom are fully qualified accountants who can see past purely technical factors and view issues in a wider business context.
  • Develop and implement solutions quickly and efficiently, enabling Wellpak to concentrate on its core business processes.

Support needs

When Financial Director Russell Jones joined Wellpak in 2011, the company was already using Sage 200 Financials and Commercials from Xperience, having migrated from Sage 50 a number of years earlier.

Russell explains, “Xperience has been providing training and support as we’ve rolled out new companies to support Wellpak over the past three years. We would contact Xperience requesting assistance to set up a new business and then one of their consultants would conduct a site visit and provide all the support and training on Sage 200 Financials and Commercials and in ensuring that business was successfully implemented into our financial systems. The entire process is always very streamlined. Indeed, the support - particularly in terms of our account manager at Xperience, Joanne Bell - has been second to none”.

Piece of mind guaranteed

Xperience also provides Russell and his team with full technical support. “If we have any questions, as we do on occasions particularly as regards our end-of-year activities, or if we run into any problems with Sage 200, then we’ll simply get on the phone to Xperience.

“If they can’t provide the answer then and there, their technical support team will commit to coming back to us within 24 hours which, to their credit, they always do. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred the problem will be fixed if not immediately then certainly within a very short space of time. So, in terms of the support we receive from Xperience, I don’t think we could ask for anything better. We certainly view Xperience as a long-term partner in helping to drive business growth.”

Xperience assists Wellpak in other ways, too. “For instance they recently recommended we purchase a separate business intelligence module to assist with reporting. As a result the processing of month-end accounts has significantly improved and reporting has been much faster and intuitive. Indeed the ability to drill down into the detail and interrogate data to identify trends and investigate anomalies has been of enormous benefit to the business.”

Russell says that he really appreciates this kind of additional support. “Whatever I want to achieve, I know I can depend on Xperience to come up with a workable solution. It’s a system that’s worked very well to date and has definitely provided added value to our business.”

The future

Russell explains that the relationship with Xperience is a two-fold thing. “Firstly, it’s the quality of the training we receive from them, and secondly it’s the excellent support. We know that when we seek advice or requests relating to Sage 200 Financials we can rely on Xperience’s full support if we run into any problem areas. It’s yet another good example of why we’ve partnered with Xperience and are looking to continue the relationship in the future. And, as we continue to grow, we will undoubtedly be having discussions with Xperience in how they can continue to support our plans."

“Over the past three or four years we’ve built an excellent relationship with Xperience, particularly with Paul Philips and John Sweeting on the support team and especially with our account manager, Jo Bell. We trust Xperience to support our business in achieving its strategic goals and we already know from experience that Sage 200 is capable of expanding and adapting to meet our business needs as we grow.

“We definitely see Xperience as a long-term partner. Basically I see the future as very much like the past in terms of training and technical support. If Xperience continues to deliver in the way they’ve been doing over the past few years then I’ll be an extremely happy person!”

About Wellpak

Based in Evesham, Wellpak is a pioneering brand name in the world of fresh produce, supplying fresh fruit and vegetables from around the world to UK retailers, food service industries and food manufacturers.

In 2008 Wellpak had a turnover £18 million, this has grown to well over £40 million today and led to the formation of a number of other specialised companies which inter-trade and provide mutually supportive services. Combined, the Group has sales in excess of £50 million.