Wellington Professional Recruitment were experiencing problems with an ageing server and legacy Microsoft operating system. Despite upgrading to high-speed internet, the IT function continued to operate at a snail’s pace. Emails were getting lost and the company were having all manner of issues that their existing provider couldn’t solve – until Xperience Group came on board, reconfigured the server, moved much of their data to the Cloud via Office 365 and transformed the performance of the IT function, improving staff morale and productivity.

Business Needs

Anne Macentee is WPR’s General Manager and responsible for the company’s IT. “Before we brought in Xperience, we were really struggling,” she explains. “The entire IT function had been on its knees for 3 or 4 years. Despite investing in a new server, upgrading our local machines and moving to high-speed internet to improve internet connectivity, we still weren’t seeing any marked improvements in performance. Indeed we never really felt that the system had been properly configured.”

“Our staff were having problems with emails, even the smallest email was taking an age to open. But the main problem was about overall performance which was painfully slow and made day-to-day tasks really difficult.”

“So there we were, blaming the broadband. Our existing provider wasn’t coming back with any answers. So we started to look around at other IT providers and that’s when we came on board with Xperience.”

Our Solution

“Xperience were brought in to conduct an audit of the existing IT function,” says Anne. “They immediately identified where the problem lay – i.e. overloading of our server. Next they outlined the best solution, in a straightforward manner which was easy for us to understand and cost, helping us to make the right decision and move forward.”

“Xperience recommended moving our email data onto the Cloud through Office 365, freeing up space and resources on the server and lightening the burden on our local PCs.”

“Phase 1 was implemented in December 2015 and the transformation was astonishing. Everything speeded up, almost overnight. People were able to get more done in less time. Staff morale improved – people were no longer sitting watching whirly wheels going round even with the smallest emails. Emails were reaching their destination and arriving in our ‘inboxes’, just as emails should. Everything was so much faster. We have moved much of our Microsoft element to the Cloud, rather than clogging up our on premise server with email and data. Actually, it’s almost impossible to compare the performance we have now with what we had before.”

“Phase 2 – which will be rolled out at some point in 2016 - will be about transferring the remainder of our documents from our on premise server to the Cloud, hosted in Xperience’s datacentre in London. But we’re in no rush; we’re delighted with the way things are now. Basically it’s a joy not to have any issues at long last!”

“And, when the time comes to replace our existing machines, we may look at Xperience’s Thin Client solution to enhance our performance even further.”

The Benefits

“It’s difficult to measure the benefits in terms of cost savings,” says Anne, “but without doubt there has been an enormous improvement in productivity which, at the end of the day, allows us to get more done, more efficiently. So the time savings are quite considerable – and staff are happier now that they’re no longer tearing their hair out with a frustratingly slow system. We are also getting the best out of the high speed internet rather than having the broadband battle with the local exchange server because it wasn’t able to keep up.”

“Reassuringly, Office 365 isn’t massively different to what we were using before except, obviously, it’s a more up-to-date interface. You still get the same familiar office applications making it easy for staff to pick up work where they left off before the upgrade. So nothing physical has changed, really, apart from the performance. So we’re very pleased.”

“The implementation of Office 365 and moving to the Cloud has transformed our entire IT virtually overnight which, considering that our previous provider had no solutions, is quite something. The whole process has been fantastic and completely painless. We have a much slicker, leaner system.”

“We also have a great relationship with Xperience. They have been very supportive and guided us through the whole process seamlessly. We have an IT system in place that is both functional and delivers improved performance at a comparable cost. For the first time in years, we seem to have a system that is reliable and which staff are happy with. Everything is just great!”

About Wellington Professional Recruitment

Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Wellington Professional Recruitment (WPR) is a name synonymous with extremely high standards in the recruitment of professional staff throughout Belfast, Ireland, the UK and the Middle East. The company boasts an impressive track record and an expanded portfolio of services to fulfil the requirements of clients across a range of disciplines and sectors.