Having outgrown their previous CRM solution, The Jordans Group decided to implement Infor CRM with reporting and analytics for increased business insight. the new system has enabled them to make better-informed decisions and increase visibility of every customer interaction.

In summary, the installation of Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix) has enabled Jordans to:

  • Streamline internal and external sales activities and manage sales pipelines effectively through a single location
  • Integrate CRM with other applications, eliminating the need to duplicate administrative input
  • Make better informed decisions and cut back on non-added value activities
  • Increase sales productivity and client engagement by automating the CRM system, increasing visibility of every customer communication

Outdated technology

Liz Tucker is Jordans’ Operations Manager. She explains that prior to installation, the company had been using a bespoke CRM solution that they had outgrown. “We looked at several replacements and Infor CRM seemed to be the most suitable for our needs,” she says. “But also, the sales and technical team at Xperience Group won us over because we believed they had the technical expertise to install it and support us afterwards. We also liked Xperience’s size. They weren’t a huge, faceless company where we’d be just a number. Xperience felt like a family organisation and we were confident we’d get the personal attention we needed.”

An integrated solution

“18 months on, Infor CRM is fundamental,” Liz continues. “From the start everyone bought into it because it’s so flexible and user-friendly, running on a familiar web based platform. Most important of all, our sales, marketing and customer support teams can get their hands on the intelligent data they need to build lasting and more profitable relationships with customers and prospects.”

Infor CRM is designed to integrate seamlessly with other business software and back office applications. “For example, we use Communigator, an email marketing platform,” says Liz. “This now works hand-in-hand with Infor CRM, providing a vital link between client data and communications.

“CSI – Core Systems Integration was written in-house and is a sales order processing product that feeds directly into Infor CRM and vice versa. New contacts added in CRM  are automatically sent through to sales order processing. So now our teams have a complete single view of customer data and interactions at their fingertips, without having to dig deep into our hidden data to find the information they need!”

Infor CRM is a complete account-centric CRM solution. “We have customers all over the world and with Infor CRM we can set up lots of visual reports that clearly pinpoint where customer interest is strongest, where it’s dropping off, where this interest is coming in from,” says Liz.

“The opportunity management is also of enormous value, enabling us to monitor opportunities from initial enquiry through to sale. Infor CRM Mobile also means that field-based staff can keep in touch. Everything is so much more integrated because SalesLogix fits so neatly into our infrastructure.”

Liz is keen to point out that, although Infor CRM is an excellent off-the-shelf product, it is also highly customisable. “Xperience have carried out some bespoke work for us and we’ve a further development in the pipeline,”

Real reporting and analytics benefits

“18 months on and everything’s running without a hitch,” Liz says. “It’s intuitive and easy to learn, giving higher rates of user adoption and it’s flexible so we always know that we can get it fine-tuned to deliver to our specific requirements. Our old system meant we’d put lots of information in but it wasn’t that easy to get it out. But with Infor CRM reporting and analytics are excellent. It gives graphical representation as well as detailed data which is great. So from a business intelligence point of view it’s been outstanding.

Xperience have definitely lived up to our expectations we have a really good relationship with them, and from a support point of view we couldn’t ask for better. If you were to ask me if I would recommend Xperience, then I’d say, ‘Yes I would’. We’re really happy that we chose Infor CRM.”

About Jordans

With headquartes in Bristol, Jordans brings together a unique team of lawyers, accountants, trust managers, data specialists, company formation agents, property search specialists and publishers. The Group supports the business and professional communities with a diverse service offering that includes company formations, business intelligence, corporate and commercial legal and compliance services and international tax planning and offshore company and trust foundation.