A not-for-profit will writing organisation benefits from Act training

With different CRM abilities, a will writing organisation needed to ensure their staff are confident using Act and follow the same processes to improve productivity and ultimately customer satisfaction. It was Xperience Group who they trusted to conduct training with a view to increase their return on investment.

Bridging technology knowledge gaps

For years, the Society of Will Writers has been promoting the real need and sense in having a valid Will as well as acting as a self-regulatory body for will writing professionals. However, with a rapidly expanding team, it became apparent that knowledge gaps existed with the use of their Act CRM, which impacted on productivity and processes. Unsurprisingly, that was a major drain on time and effort that would be better spent working with clients and members.

Sharon Norris, Membership Administrator at the Society of Will Writers, commented “We’ve had quite a lot of new members to the team. They never received sufficient training and had to learn on the job, or they were trained by co-workers who didn’t know how to use the system effectively themselves. As a result, everyone was taught something a little bit different. We needed to bridge the knowledge gaps to make sure everyone is on the same page and we can take full advantage of our technology investment.”

The Society of Will Writers engaged Xperience Group to provide bespoke training which not only include basic workflows and processes but also was tailored to the individual roles and skill levels. Since training, the Society of Will Writers helped staff to boost productivity, reduce frustration, taking full advantage of Act CRM.

Sharon commented, “We are very happy with the training. We are now all on the same page when it comes to completing certain tasks we weren't quite getting. Trainer was fabulous, really engaging, and listened to everybody. He was quite happy to follow up via email with any queries we had once we tried to put things into practice.”

Act CRM at the heart of the business

A central database can go a long way in making business operations more efficient. Not only did Act tick that box, it also enabled the Society of Will Writers to optimise processes for improved productivity and access real-time analytics to monitor staff performance.

Sharon explains, “Now Act holds the details of our members and has become an integral component of the company’s relationship building process. “We use it as a reference for consumers so we can easily recommend their local will writer when they phone in. We record our documents and histories, use mail merge to easily send communications to our members - basically everything we need to operate on a daily basis is there.”

“With Act in place, not only has the day-to-day task of proactively managing client accounts been made simpler, but thanks to training, much of the previously time consuming activities have been optimised. What is more, Act gives us robust, real-time data with the ability to track individual performance – basically we can see who is working and who's not.

Subscription to the software heaven

Subscribe, sit back and relax – there were never truer words spoken. Act is now on subscription with support and compatibility updates included in the price, which the Society of Will Writers saw as an invaluable benefit.

Sharon commented, “With support and upgrades included in the price, we definitely see subscription as a benefit. Whenever we have a problem or an issue, I ring, or I email Xperience Support Department and really quickly, somebody comes back to me. They'll log on, give advice and show the way forward – may it continue!”

The Xperience experience

The Society of Will Writers finds Act quick and cost effective, taking their productivity to a whole different level.

Sharon summarises, “The training helped us increase our efficiency. It made us more aware of possibilities, things we could do and things Act is not designed to do that we thought it could – all because we didn’t have proper training.”

“Excellent is how I would describe our rapport with Xperience Group. We don't have any issues. As I say, I've only got to call and they're straight back to us, plus they keep us updated at all times. Very simple!”