A Residential Care Provider Trusts Act With Managing Client Relationships

For the Richardson Partnership for Care, Act has always served as a central database, allowing them to effectively manage customer relationships. When the software reached end-of-life the company experienced compatibility issues and decided it’s time for an upgrade.

Quest to maintain reliable database for the admissions team

Established in 1989, the Richardson Partnership for Care provides a person-centred approach for rehabilitation, support and residential care for adults with an acquired brain injury or learning disabilities. Using a legacy version of Act, the company experienced compatibility with Windows 10 which spurred them into upgrading the software.

Sian Richardson, Admissions and Referrals Manager at the Richardson Partnership for Care, commented: “Act has always been at the heart of our admissions team, providing a central database everyone in the team could work from and rely on. Therefore when the software reached end of life and we were facing compatibility issues, we decided to upgrade to the latest version so we can focus more time and effort on supporting our community.”

Sian added: “Working in a highly sensitive and confidential environment, we take our data privacy responsibilities very seriously and employ best practice principles. The Act upgrade helps us to do this.”

Xperience Group carried out an upgrade to ensure the company has access to the latest version quickly and pain-free. Sian explained, “The upgrade itself was really good. There was a time and a date set when a consultant had remotely dialled in. Job done!”

A simple upgrade leads to efficiency gains

With Act in place, the admissions team can effectively manage their client relationships. With accurate information available at the click of a button, they can focus more time and effort on supporting customers.

Sian explained, “With task list we can instantly view our daily activities so we can stay organised and productive.  We can also set up a calendar reminder to get in touch with a client in two or three years, and leave Act to prompt us at that time. This makes life a lot easier because I get all their personal details right there in front of me when I need them.”

“Obviously, it works well when one of our colleagues is off sick or on holiday because you can just pop on to their task list to ensure their accounts are cared for.”

With Act, the admissions team can view emails the team members have sent and received to quickly glance through previous notes and activity history. The can keep their customer profiles accurate and up-to-date to ensure appropriate contact.

Sian explained “The ability to integrate Act seamlessly with Microsoft® Outlook means that our notes and correspondence with customers can be saved in Act and accessed in just a couple of clicks. This is really important because the emails tend to be quite complicated, also we can respond much more quickly to customers’ questions and requests. With the integration we can just quickly pop into the account history, should we ever need to check what we've said. And it means we can be paperless, which is another plus.”

Act e-marketing tool brings revenue boost

Given the nature of the business, staying on top of marketing is essential to ensure retention. Therefore the Richardson Partnership for Care invests in Act email marketing tool, sending communications tailored to customer and prospect circumstances and requirements.

Sian commented, “With Act e-marketing we can create a professional newsletter in a very short time, and send it out to our customers and prospects with a click of a button. Because of this we have a loyal base that we can keep up to date on our services. As a result of the newsletter, we have had direct interest about our services, which is fantastic!”

A simple solution for a small business

For the Richardson Partnership for Care, Act provides a centralised database that allows for better communication and client information sharing. It is a simple tool that allows the company to manage their customer information and stay on top of their daily tasks, ensuring they don’t miss a thing.

Sian explained, “Act is simple, reliable and cost-effective. I know it can do much more but we just don’t need it too complicated and are happy with the way things are.”

“As for Xperience Group, their support response times are pretty quick, which is all you want. So, we’re a very happy customer!”

About the Richardson Partnership for Care

The Richardson Partnership for Care is an independent specialist provider of residential care, support and rehabilitation for adults with learning disabilities, acquired brain injuries and complex needs. The family-run business has five residential care homes in Northampton, each with a strong ethos of providing a positive environment to allow service users to fulfil their potential. The individual service user is at the very heart of the rehabilitation and care provision, receiving a tailored and flexible care plan developed by an experienced multi-disciplinary team of neuro specialists, therapists and managers.