Having updated their PC’s and operating systems to Windows 10, Rapid Response Reporting experienced compatibility issues which affected their day-to-day operations. To uphold their service levels, the company upgraded to the latest version of Act.

Compatibility Issues

Established in 2008, Rapid Response Reporting specialises in producing medico legal reports for personal injury and compensation claims throughout the UK. Having refreshed their outdated infrastructure with new PC’s and upgrading to Windows 10, they experienced compatibility issues that came with using a legacy version of Act. As a result, the software couldn’t support their business processes, impacting on productivity and customer satisfaction.

Stefan Bullman, Business Owner at Rapid Response Reporting explained, “When we replaced our PCs and upgraded to Windows 10, we knew the compatibility wasn't there. This affected our day-to-day activities, especially the mail merge functionality we used for sending customer communications. We had about 70 or 80 different templates set up and without the integration it would take more time and effort to re-enter customer details. We would have been lost without it!”

“Besides, there was an issue with speed. We had 18,000 records with each ranging between 10-40MB of data – that makes a good, 50, 60, or 70 more thousand files in that system itself. Our Act struggled to keep up with the volumes!”

Xperience Group worked with Rapid Response Reporting to carry out a remote upgrade. Stefan explained, “The installation was pretty flawless. It was like a walk-through process – An engineer called and explained everything in detail - outlining the process from start to finish and ensuring we were happy. This made us feel very comfortable about the whole thing. And it worked - we've not had any problems since!”

Improved Visibility

Following the upgrade, Rapid Response Reporting can maintain a complete view of their clients in one organised place. They can monitor the status of each case and see what money is going through the system to effectively manage its client portfolio.

“Act is proving invaluable when it comes to organising all of our customer details in one place. It’s so malleable - we had it customised to include the very specific information we need to record about each case, including the date of client appointment, the reference and the agency, the expert involved, the location they're seeing them, the appointment date & time, and the fees for the expert and for us. We can also attach additional documents such as an x-ray or an MRI scan, as well as monitor the progress of each case. We can instantly see everything in one place.”

Act has enabled Rapid Response Reporting to save time and improve productivity. From printing mailing labels and sending personalised letters to contracts, thanks to mail merge the company created numerous templates to automate administrative tasks. Stefan explained, “By using mail merge we have produced thousands of letters which saved us a lot of time. We’ve used it for everything from letters for appointments and cancellations, to patient lists. With just a few clicks we can take the client information i.e. name, address, appointment time etc from Act and place it within the body of a word document template or an email. Then we can quickly print the relevant templates and front sheets ready to be sent.”

Living in Act

Act gives Rapid Response Reporting access to the timeline of client interactions, allowing them to effectively manage customer relationships. Speed, performance and reliability have all improved since the upgrade helping the company provide a consistent, reliable and professional service. Stefan commented, “We have always used Act. The functionality is extremely good for our needs. It's very user friendly, which from a training point of view, helps with user adoption. If we were to change systems, this would mean learning the new ways and training staff. But it’s better to stick with what you know so to speak.”

“As for Xperience, the service is extremely good. We know they are just a phone call away. I certainly would recommend them to others. The relationship has been pain free and Act is working perfectly well!”

“We haven’t had time to exploit Act CRM to its full potential. I know we're underusing it but I’m sure in time we'll explore more functionalities. For example, I need to upgrade my Sage Accounts to link it with Act to improve our reporting - perhaps that will be the next step in our journey with Xperience Group.”

About Rapid Response Reporting

Established in 2008, Rapid Response Reporting Ltd provides a consistent, reliable and professional service in producing medico legal reports for personal injury and compensation claims throughout the UK.