Looking to refine processes, NDC Infrared partnered with Xperience Group to maximise the value from its Infor CRM investment. With training, this robust system enabled them to streamline their production and distribution processes, improving operations across the globe.

Maximising the return on investment

“CRM wasn’t new to us,” explains Alan Mathias, “NDC had been using Act! for many years before I arrived. But we’d outgrown it. Our IT director made the decision for the whole organisation to upgrade to Infor CRM. That was about six years ago now.”

Alan say’s “As a fully featured CRM, we perhaps underestimated the scale and scope of the implementation task, and as a result take up was disappointing.

When Alan arrived a couple of years ago, Infor CRM was being used, “but only in a very limited way, as a means of capturing leads”. With his marketing background, Alan was given the job of taking it over, providing better implementation and “fixing the numerous problems we were having both in terms of use and also the infrastructure / hardware we were running”.

Making the most of the best

Alan immediately got to work fixing the system related problems by optimising the hardware infrastructure Infor CRM ran over, based on advice from Xperience. Alan says “Xperience were also very helpful in providing me one-to-one training on how Infor CRM works. I can give full marks to their technical support desk who were enormously helpful.”

The rest they say is history; Alan and NDC moved forwards. What had started as an under used solution is now becoming central to the company’s CRM philosophy. NDC recently upgraded their entire system to and are looking forward to even better web functionality and the ability to deliver local language e‐marketing materials for their Japanese and Chinese customers.

Says Alan: “Xperience is still a very good source of support. They were very proactive in helping us refine various customisations in preparation for our upgrade. I would definitely give Xperience full marks in terms of quality support. Although we had one issue during the upgrade when we had an old service pack, Xperience stepped into the breach and gave us excellent support in terms of additional work needed to get our remote users upgraded.”

He adds, “I know that if I have a nasty issue that I can’t fix I can ring up Xperience’s technical support guys and they will find a solution.”

Streamlined operations

Alan is very impressed with the upgrade. “It’s just a much better product. And one of the major attractions is the improved web client.”

Alan continues “We do a lot of business through distributors and I anticipate that Infor CRM will offer an attractive way forward to help us manage these distributors better.” As for the future? “The acid test will be starting to integrate Infor CRM with our Oracle system so we can move towards a true 360 degree view of our interaction with each customer. I don’t doubt that Xperience will help us achieve this.”

About NDC Infrared

NDC Technologies, headquartered in Irwindale, California, designs, develops and produces a wide range of process measurement and control instrumentation for a broad scope of manufacturing industries.