As a law firm working with high-profile organisations, Murphy O'Rawe requires exceptional levels of server security as well a high degree of network resilience. By 2015 their existing server had reached the end of its life and was unable to cope with the demands required by the firm’s client base.

In summary, Xperience Group's IT Support enabled Murphy O'Rawe to:

  • Recognise the risks of relying on a single points of failure and zero redundancy within the infrastructure
  • Offer exceptional levels of security and business continuity in the event of a disaster
  • Invest in a system that was both flexible and future-proof

Business Needs

“These days there is more emphasis on security and encryption than ever, and doubtless this will increase,” explains IT Manager, Joanne Logan. “So it was vital that we took into account future needs as well as being able to guarantee 24/7 business continuity and bullet proof security to our clients. Also, we needed assurance that - when we switched over from the old system to the new - there would be minimal impact on our day-to-day business.”

“We were impressed with the levels of detail, depth of knowledge and expertise demonstrated by Xperience throughout the security audit,” she continues. “They were especially focused on the need for security and resilience – and they were thinking in terms of what we might require in the future. They explained each step of the proposal to us in depth, in layman’s terms rather than technical jargon, making sure that everyone in our organisation understood what would be happening.”

"The proposal was to move from a single server network to multiple servers with a Storage Area Network (SAN) device which would deliver resilience through network failover as well as have the ability to cater for future growth."

Our Solution

“During the weeks leading up to the changeover in December 2015 we met with Xperience a number of times,” Joanne continues. “They went into a lot of detail - and also explained how they planned to keep certain areas live throughout the switchover, such as our Case Management System which needs to remain live at all times.

“The actual switchover itself went very smoothly, with minimal business interruption. The new setup provides Murphy O’Rawe with a security-enhanced platform with built-in resilience that also monitors and detects potential security threats. In case of a disaster we can be up and running within the same day with minimal disruption and zero compromise to data security.”

The Benefits

“Everything has been up and running for a couple of months and it’s really reassuring to know we have exceptional levels of security and resilience in place together with 24/7 business continuity should the worst happen.

“We don’t just have 24/7 support from Xperience, we also have IBM support. Everything is backed up in two places – on site and also mirrored offsite using an external tape drive.

"Indeed, if a disaster did happen, we are confident that we could be up and running within half a day. Staff would immediately be able to pick up where they left off, with minimal disruption to ongoing business and zero compromise to data security."

“Xperience has installed new firewalls and wireless access points too. We have software in place to detect any unwanted intrusions. In addition we can offer staff and visitors a totally safe and secure experience; both have completely separate access on the Wi-Fi, so there’s never any risk of data getting into the wrong hands.”


"The hardware is now in place for Phase 2 where we will also be taking our existing levels of encryption to a far more advanced stage to cover all levels of the company and we’ll be looking at various Microsoft products which can give us two factor authentication, a double layer of security password protection and so on. We are also looking at making our Case Management System even more secure."

Is Murphy O'Rawe pleased they made the decision to upgrade? “Without a doubt,” says Joanne. “Because many of our clients are big organisations, they ask an awful lot of us. Now we have the peace of mind of knowing that everything is secure and in the event of a disaster we’ve got the backup we need."

“It’s been really good working with Xperience. We’ve really appreciated the way that they’ve explained everything to us in layman’s terms. We now have an outstanding, secure and resilient system in place that will take our business into the future. It’s definitely been worth the investment!”

About Murphy O'Rawe

Based in the heart of Belfast City Centre, Murphy O'Rawe is a firm of solicitors that acts for a diverse range of insurance companies, international organisations and private clients. The firm comprises 5 partners, 10 solicitors and 25 support staff including Joanne Logan, IT Manager.