With 1239 Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) Centres delivering 3379 courses across the UK and Northern Ireland, JAUPT needed a solution to streamline their highly complex administrative processes and data volumes. By implementing a customised Microsoft CRM solution, Dynamics 365, JAUPT automated business processes, reducing man-hours and paperwork volumes.

In summary, by customising Microsoft Dynamic 365 JAUPT is able to:

  • Monitor stringent KPIs by organising and automating complex administrative processes across all interactions and departments as well as offering better transparency of communication and business information
  • Meet contractual requirements whilst having the ability to develop the system to its business needs
  • Hold, organise and analyse vast amounts of complex data while reducing man hours and paperwork volume
  • Benefit from a long term, highly bespoke CRM solution hosted on UK-based servers, with solid foundations which can grow and expand organically with the rest of the business capability

A complex requirement

Abbey Woolgar is JAUPT’s Technical and Communications Manager. Here, she explains why the company decided to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. “Our existing CRM solution was moving its servers to Europe and, because we work on behalf of the DVSA/DVA, we needed servers hosted in the UK,” she says. “We chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 because (a) the servers were UK-based, (b) it was sufficiently powerful to handle our highly complex administrative processes, and (c) met the needs of our SLA with the DVSA and DVA.

“We’re not a big company but we perform an extremely high volume, complex and intricate function. Our 14 members of staff handle a massive amount of data and carry out a huge number of tasks on a daily basis. We have stringent KPIs for a majority of our activities.

“Although the basic Microsoft Dynamics 365 software ticked many boxes, it needed extensive customisation, which is where Xperience Group came in. So far, over the last five years or so, it has been customised to meet our business needs and we have number of new projects in the pipeline, which will utilise some of the standard features of the product along with additional customisations. The CRM solution was meticulously moulded to the way we work removing a great deal of manual work while ensuring we maintain the strict KPIs.”

Customised workflows for streamlined processes

“As an example of the complex nature of our business, we have 1239 approved centres who are delivering training and we currently have 3379 approved courses. It is a huge amount of work for just 14 people. We also have a field team of sub-contractors who carried out 1286 Quality Assurance visits in the last financial year, all of which is recorded and monitored using the CRM. As part of the approval process course and centre applications can sometimes have to go back and forth between ourselves and the training centre before they can finally be submitted to the DVSA and the DVA for approval. There is a massive amount of data that we need to process effectively and CRM software helps us to keep track of everything and ensure things don’t slip through the net.

“The Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution streamlines everything so we do not miss a thing. We have bespoke workflows and dashboards set up which work alongside the advance search features, making it easy for us to automate some of our more complex processes while ensuring achievement of our KPIs.

“Of course it’s vital that we avoid any glitches which could result in workflows failing to work properly. To avoid potential problems, Xperience have set up a testing environment whereby we can play around with something before it goes live. This way we can be sure that any changes aren’t affecting the live data. Recently we have integrated the JAUPT website into Microsoft Dynamics 365 and use the test site to check any changes before they go live.”

A solution that evolves with the business

“Basically, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is developing and evolving as we use it. Recently Xperience came in and carried out an audit of our system. We discovered there were quite a few features that we no longer need and other aspects that could help us improve our working practices.

“There are features we don’t currently use, but which we understand could automate other time-consuming tasks. For example we have to compare driver uploads that the DVSA hold on their R&E (Recording & Evidencing) system with our training records. Xperience have told us this can be done in a much simpler way than we currently use, so that’s on our ‘to do’ list. In addition, we haven’t taken advantage of the calculations within the CRM, a task we currently pay our web developers to do. So we can save time and money by doing some of this on the CRM and then simply push the data back to the website rather than paying for complex web coding.

“We have a superb ongoing relationship with Xperience. If we have any issues, we know they’ll get on the case and fix it. For instance, we found ourselves having to manually look up reference numbers on around 3,000 records because some of the uploaded data fields were not mapping correctly. Xperience resolved this for us and now we only get one or two out of goodness knows how many thousands of uploads that fail. And that is really great news for us.”


Established in 2007 and based in Milton Keynes, JAUPT (Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training) carries out the provision of application and quality assurance of centres and courses that deliver periodic training for lorry and bus drivers across the UK and taxi drivers in Northern Ireland.