With such a strong emphasis on the personal approach to customer service, Greens Food Fare expects to receive a similar service from its partners – and this is one of the reasons why Xperience Group has been looking after Green’s IT needs for over twenty years. Most recently, Xperience has assisted with the migration from Microsoft Office to Office 365 which enables administrative staff and management to be far more flexible and efficient in how and where they work – from anywhere, at any time and on any device.

In summary, migrating to Office 365 has enabled Greens Food Fare to:

  • Improve how staff and management work by increasing flexibility and efficiency
  • Share, collaborate on and manage documents in the cloud
  • Protect data with built-in security, alongside compliance and privacy controls

Business Needs

Gary Browne is Greens’ Financial Controller and Company Secretary. He explains that the business migrated to the cloud-hosted Office 365 in April 2014 “so we’ve had a good 12 months to reap the benefits and focus on delivering an even more efficient and professional service to our customers and suppliers”.

Before the move, the company was using Microsoft Office software. “Then one day our computer systems crashed, so we needed to have a re-think. Xperience recommended Office 365. It seemed the most up-to-date variant of Office and so that’s basically why we went with it. Also, the backup to the cloud was good. We also liked the fact that we could access our email and other applications remotely. Everything went live in April 2014.”

Our Solution

“This isn’t one of those cases where we can claim to have been having issues with the old software; we were very happy with Microsoft Office. It was simply a case of wanting to be up-to-date and move with the times which is why it made sense to migrate to Office 365.”

Office 365 is a subscription-based solution that gives users access to all their latest documents from the office, from home or on the move. Users can be confident that documents are always up to date regardless of where they are working or which device they are using. And of course users always have access to the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher and Access for their Phones, PCs or Macs. No more worries about having to sync projects or update to the latest Office software!

The Benefits

“Workwise, there isn’t specifically anything we can do now that we couldn’t do before,” says Gary. “Essentially everything looks much the same on the screen – all the familiar applications, tabs and so on. But the functionality is certainly slicker and I’d say the tab system is better. The main benefit is that it’s great to be able to share, collaborate on and manage documents in the cloud. I can just log in on my phone, laptop, tablet or whatever and be sure of getting instant access to the latest versions of our files. And, importantly, I can be confident that the built-in security plus compliance and privacy controls will keep our data safe.”

Office 365 provides all the applications that users are familiar with. “Plus, because we can also install the latest full Office applications on our devices we have the option of being able to work offline or online.

“Basically it’s all about being more efficient and flexible in the way we work, and having more time to focus on our work because whenever there is work to be done, Office 365 is right there and we know that everything is going to be bang up-to-date. Gone are the days of wasting valuable time installing, updating and making sure everyone stays in sync!”


“It was Xperience that recommended we upgrade to Office 365 and we trust their judgement. We’ve been dealing with them for many years. We know where we are with them. It’s the same friendly, helpful people we’re talking to every time and we like that. Indeed that’s the way we deal with our own customers."

“Xperience are good and they always respond quickly if we have any issues. I would definitely recommend them to other businesses considering migrating to Office 365 or an accounts solution like Pegasus Opera. We like having someone who’s there when we need them, who is local and who we can trust to do the job – and get it right. We are very happy and plan to carry on as we are doing, offering a first-class service to our customers and working with a partner that’s committed to offering the same to us.”

About Greens Food Fare

Lisburn-based Greens Food Fare has a reputation for being the friendly food store 'where shopping is a pleasure'. The 'Greens style' is dedicated to making grocery shopping a relaxed and enjoyable experience where checkout staff know customers by name, the store manager is happy to carry customer groceries to the car and 'where personal service and a friendly atmosphere are top of the shopping list'.