When Xperience Group began working with GES Group in May 2015, the company were still awaiting the installation of a superfast fibre broadband and internet line, followed by an upgrade from Opera II to Opera 3. Xperience has been working with GES Group in recent months on a complete network rebuild, with hopes to have the vast majority of the installation in place by summer 2014.

In summary, Xperience's IT Services have enabled GES Group to:

  • Know that a virtual IT department is responding to their network round the clock
  • Have a fast, responsive and dependable network, increasing performance and speeding up business processes

Business Needs

David Moore, GES Group Managing Director, explains the issues the company was experiencing prior to the decision to rebuild the network:

“The old network wasn’t ‘old’ as such, it was a relatively modern network that had been installed by a different provider. But what we thought we’d purchased wasn’t what we actually got. It quickly became clear that it wasn’t compatible with our needs."

“We’d been with Xperience for some time on the software side, and one of their team had also worked for our previous hardware supplier. When our network suddenly crashed without warning, we put in an emergency call to Xperience who came straight out and worked on it solidly for around 12 hours to get us up and running again."

“They delved deeper into our existing network, and pointed out that if we wanted to move forward as a business, then we’d need a complete network rebuild. Amongst some of the issues they’d uncovered was the fact that the firewalls weren’t actually business-grade, which I must admit was worrying. They also recommended rebuilding our servers with Hyper-V to deliver a virtualized server computing environment. Basically, we needed to rebuild from the ground up if we wanted a fast, responsive and dependable network that would take us into the future.”

Our Solution

“Once we’d made the decision to go ahead with the changes, we invited a couple of other providers to tender for the work,” David explains, “But the Xperience presentation was the strongest. They have a good team, with an experienced background, and that appeared to be exactly what we needed. The roadmap for what they were going to deliver was pretty clear, which reassured us that we’d decided to take the right step."

“What we wanted was a strong system that could run Opera 3, offer us outstanding reliability, and give us the IT infrastructure we need to sustain growth. We also wanted to move our less-than-ideal communications line to BT so we could benefit from a tough, resilient internet connection with 100MG speed consistency. There has been a bit of a hold-up with this, because of staffing issues at BT, but we’ve been promised it should be up and running by the end of June. Once that is in place, we’ll be upgrading to Opera 3. We could have installed Opera 3 sooner, but Xperience advised us that we’d have connectivity issues, so we’ve agreed to wait.”

The Benefits

“It’s now May 2015 and the network was installed around 30 days ago,” David continues, “It’s very young and there are still a few teething problems, but you’d expect that with a project of this size. I’m pleased to report that the installation was a relatively good process - it was on time and it’s covered our roadmap. It’s also been value for money. Yes, I’m pretty happy with the progress so far."

“We now have Office 365. Again, we’ve had a few teething problems, but the team at Xperience have put in a lot of work, and everything appears to be going well; there don’t appear to be any major issues.”


“Working with Xperience has been good,” says David. “For example, on those occasions when there’s been a system failure first thing in the morning, they’ve been pretty pro-active. They’re immediately on the case and get us going again quickly, which is exactly what we need. They’re also happy to sit around the table, listen to our feedback, and come back with clear, practical solutions."

“Without the new BT line and Opera 3 in place, I can’t comment on whether or not the installation has met our needs just yet, and whether it’s fast enough to run our systems. All I can say is that the processes to-date have been reasonably smooth, as has the relationship with Xperience. There is still quite a bit to do, but I’m sure it’s all going in the right direction. I’d be delighted to offer further feedback once everything is complete.”

About GES Group

Established in 1972 as Grants Electrical Services Ltd., the company has grown and developed into GES Group, a leading Electrical and Mechanical engineering company serving customers throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe. Traditionally AC/DC motor rewind and remanufacture specialists, the company portfolio has developed as a market leader to provide an extensive range of technically advanced products and services. The company currently employs over 80 staff, including many professionally trained and accredited engineers.