Already an experienced user of Act Premium and a former client of Xperience Group, the company made the decision to bring Xperience back on board to assist with Act Support and Training to facilitate a better understanding of Act across the organisation with a view to enhance marketing and customer service, and drive sales.

In summary Xperience's Act Support and Training services has enabled D-Energi to:

  • Fully understand and appreciate the inner workings of Act Premium and how it can deliver organisation-specific benefits, drive up sales and grow with the business
  • Tailor Act to the way the company works, the products it sells and its unique sales structure
  • Enjoy responsive support and training for Act
  • Make better informed decisions on hardware upgrades to overcome any weaknesses and build on strengths in order to increase overall efficiency

A personalised service

Stuart Harrison is D-Energi’s IT Manager. He explains why, in 2012, the company made the decision to move from Xperience to deal direct with the vendor. “At the time it made sense to work direct rather than going through a third party which tended to slow things down,” he says. “We remained with them for two years before bringing Xperience back on board.

“For me, the main reason for moving back to Xperience was, although I’m very familiar with the Act product, a conversation with Xperience convinced me that they could deliver greater insight and understanding of the inner workings of the software: why it can do particular things but not others, how to set certain things up, how to tailor it to our very specific needs and so on - the kind of personalised, behind-the-scenes support that you can’t really get with a bigger organisation.

“In addition there was the fact that Xperience has such a close working relationship with Swiftpage, which would ensure good levels of support on that front. Also, since we last dealt with them, Xperience seemed to have really bulked up its in-house support. We were immediately convinced that Xperience was the right option and so at the start of 2014 we signed up with them again.”

A very responsive service

“Eighteen months on the dealings with Xperience have been excellent,” says Stuart. “I don’t use the technical support that much because I’m so familiar with Act. It’s the general day-to-day advice on best practices, how the software actually works and so on that I’ve found the most valuable.

“By getting a full understanding of the inner workings I’ve been able to explain the functionality to our other users - why we have some of the issues we have. It’s made my life easier when someone wants the database to do such and such and I can answer confidently yes or no, whether it can do that or not, and then give a full explanation as to exactly why - and this level of knowledge has been provided to me by either the sales or the technical support at Xperience.

“I always find Xperience very responsive,” Stuart continues. “I know that if I have a pressing issue, I can call them and they’ll be onto it straight away. Also, Xperience has proved invaluable when it comes to informing some of the decisions we’ve been making in terms of hardware upgrades to overcome central limitations in our own systems and structure.

“In fact one of the Xperience team came up to Manchester for a day to look at our systems, our hardware and the way we use it. As a result their support has been much more tailored to our organisation and the unique way in which we work. Yes, I’d say that Xperience definitely has a good understanding of our specific needs and set-up.”

A dedicated account manager makes the difference

“With regards to the product itself, Act is an excellent and cost-effective piece of software,” Stuart says. “It’s so malleable; we can structure it to the way we work, the products we sell and the very specific sales structure that we have. This flexibility makes a big difference when, perhaps, you’re a smaller company without the financial clout to invest in a more expensive CRM product. Also, with regards to the Swiftpage relationship, we are confident what we feedback to Xperience is being fed back to Swiftpage and any issues are being addressed.”

Would Stuart recommend Xperience to another company? “Definitely,” he says. “The support and advice has been the best I’ve ever received and is always specific to us. I know the technical guys by name, so I know who I’m speaking to. Also, having a specific account manager makes all the difference. It’s nice to feel that there’s a chain of responsibility if there is ever a problem.

“Xperience has a well-structured call-back system, a great front-of-house sales team and a really excellent support team that I enjoy liaising with. I’ve never once come away from a conversation thinking it’s been a waste of my time, worthless or a bad investment. We’ve always benefited in some way from it. Xperience are just great people to work with and, yes, bringing them back on board was definitely the right move.”

About D-Energi

Manchester-based D-Energi is a leading UK business-to-business gas and electricity provider with a portfolio that ranges from smaller individual care homes to larger care home groups and other specialised sectors such as education, hospitality, manufacturing, and retail.