To overcome the challenges of managing data across separate databases and multiple spreadsheets, Cleveland Technologies Group (CTG) sought to modernise its business systems. Act Premium Cloud now provides them with a single consolidated view of customer information, accessible to all users, including remote workers.

In summary, Act Premium Cloud has enabled CTG to:

  • Increase productivity of the remote staff by allowing sales and service representatives to access business information while on the road
  • Automate laborious administration so teams can focus on profitable activities
  • Make well informed decisions supported by detailed reports across all business areas
  • Improve time management with automatic workflows and prompts
  • Improve customer experience with slicker processes and faster response times

A solution to disparate systems

Steve Minihane, Group Web Manager at Cleveland Technologies Group (CTG), explains why the company made the decision to implement Act Premium Cloud. “Up until April 2016 we were relying on a combination of separate databases and spreadsheets for our CRM. At this point it became clear that to enable the group to focus on customer interactions and share information in a timely manner we required a more streamlined platform that allowed us clearer visibility of business performance across the group and the ability to track and analyse opportunities at any given time.”

“Before Act, the systems we used were unsupported. This meant we couldn’t introduce any changes to optimise our system and we were working with software that didn’t match our business needs of today. We needed to implement a more consistent way of working across the three businesses to improve performance and ensure transparency across the group.”

Accessibility with Act Premium Cloud

“Having looked at a myriad of alternatives, we settled on Act! Cloud for a number of reasons. Firstly, the interface was straight forward and easy to navigate. Secondly, it enabled mobile access as we have representatives on the road who need constant access to business information. Lastly, we hosted our CRM in-house, on our own servers, which required a lot of maintenance, something we didn't want to continue with.”

“I contacted Xperience Group for the initial presentation and the web demo we received was excellent. They also set up a trial for us which meant we could assess the functionality and ensure due diligence was carried out.”

“The implementation was staggered across three months, a division per month, in order to address requirements, such as additional fields, data transfer and user training. This approach seemed to give people time to get to know the system.”

A centralised system for sharing information

“It’s still early days,” says Steve, “but Act has definitely made things simpler. Each division has its own database for day-to-day activities. We have some users that require access to more than one database, for synergy reasons, and it's very easy for them to flick between data sets. Generally we have a more healthy and centralised platform for sharing customer information.”

“The software has allowed us to reduce the amount of physical paperwork passing through the office. Act! has essentially removed the paper trail that we kept for reporting purposes. We can now easily see the turnarounds for sales and service teams, it removes a lot of time-consuming and repetitive work.”

“We have improved staff productivity allowing them to organise their time better. With Act they can set tasks to automatically remind them about their next activity. This will improve our customer service too, as all the information they need is now in one place, saving them time on trawling through paperwork.”

Steve explains how repair tracking functionality was optimised to allow them to keep track on sales and service activities. “We have two modules within an opportunity, one for sales and one for service repair. This allows us to analyse the individual performances of these specific functions with a clearer vision of our customers' requirements and invoice value. It also means we can further manage our customer’s expectations as we have control and vision of any outstanding or pipeline works with the information available at the click of a button at any given time.”

Customer relationship transformation

“Within one month of the implementation, we reduced paperwork and had clearer visibility of the sales pipeline and after sales services across the group. From the implementation of Act we have seen enormous benefits in terms of managing our customer relationships and interactions. Routine tasks that were once time consuming, such as creating spreadsheets, entering data and searching for information, are handled easily by the software, freeing up time to focus on core areas of the business.”

“I'm pleased with the service I receive from Xperience – they proved to be an excellent partner. Their product knowledge was exceptional. We received help with data transfer from our previous systems which sped up the implementation process. Everything I've asked for has been done and done in a very timely manner.”

About CTG

Cleveland Technologies Group (CTG) and its divisions have been family owned since 1964 when Weyfringe was founded. Joined by Cleveland Circuits in 1971 and Connect-2 Technology in 1995 they have collectively grown and developed by focussing on service and quality reflecting their Partners in Production philosophy. CTG specialises in cable and wiring assemblies, printed circuit board manufacture and barcode and labelling solutions.