Cleversocks is a UK sock supplier operating under various brands. With over 30 years’ experience, this family-owned business is recognised for providing exceptional quality products to a range of High Street brands. When their Sage 200 software they rely on to maintain operations was nearing end of life, they upgraded to the latest version to uphold their service levels and capitalise on new functionality.

The Legacy Challenge

Cleversocks have always used Sage 200 to manage its supply chain and order processing. However, when the version they were on was nearing end-of-life it was unable to support the company’s need to maintain first-class service.

Jaskaran Rai, Director at Cleversocks explained, “Our software was six years old. Sage was about to withdraw its support, meaning our version was vulnerable to faults, which could increase the cost of maintaining it. If we were to continue using it, we’d missed out on a number of enhancements that were available with the later version, not to mention the security risks that come with using an outdated software.”

Xperience Group worked in partnership with Cleversocks to carry out the upgrade, ensuring a smooth and pain free transition. Jaskaran commented, “The upgrade went very well. We requested a last minute change and Xperience was able to accommodate our request. I get on well with our account manager and the team were very helpful all the way through. Xperience’s knowledge and training delivery was good and really helped to bring our users on board and up to speed with the latest features.”

Improved Customer Experience

Upgrading to the latest version of Sage 200 Commercials enabled full traceability of stock, allowing Cleversocks to ensure customer satisfaction. With the ability to monitor stock levels on a daily basis, they built a better knowledge of customer base which enabled them to forecast demand more accurately and maintain the highest standards of customer service.

“With the new Sage 200 we’re delivering enhanced customer service which will enable us to grow the business. From raising an order to dispatching goods, we have total control over stock, ensuring availability and customer satisfaction. It’s so easy - stock in, stock out – everything gets registered through Sage, helping us be more responsive and competitive.”

Sage 200 stock management capabilities has enabled Cleversocks to be more efficient, helping to optimise stock levels, and keep the costs down. Jaskaran explained, “We can quickly and easily access stock details, pinpoint where the products came from, where they are now, when they were sold and at what price. This allows us to improve efficiency and maintain financial control by keeping track of internal stock movements.”

Cleversocks has also been able to automate payment processes for improved control and time savings, with the new release. Jaskaran explained, “From straightforward BACS payments to the ability to print remittances and cheques, in the new version we have noticed a number of enhancements. We have also added a Pay Now button to our customer invoices so we can get paid faster and improve cash flow management.”

Solid groundwork for the future

Sage 200 delivers the functionality needed to run an effective business, from quotes and orders to returns and stock control. Speed, performance and reliability have all improved since the upgrade providing the company with the powerful solution for managing complex processes both now an in the future.  Jaskaran commented, “Sage 200 has always fitted well with our requirements, therefore it was a logical progression to upgrade to the latest version. We are confident the system can cope with the demands we place on it and will handle our growth in the years to come.”

The relationship with Xperience Group has been good.  Any issues have always been rectified virtually immediately - it really is a good service I could recommend to anyone.”

About Cleversocks

Founded in 1978, Cleversocks is one of the biggest suppliers of socks in the UK, grown on the foundations of honesty, integrity and hard-work.