What is Cyber Security Gap Analysis?

Gap analysis is the process of analysing the current state of affairs and comparing this to the ideal or desired position to see where improvements should be made to your organisation. A cyber security gap analysis is designed to gain a greater understanding of the current cyber security posture by assessing the key aspects of IT infrastructure, processes and technical management capabilities

Why do you need Gap Analysis?

Having a gap analysis is a great starting point to understand your level of risk. You will receive a report with a red, amber or green (RAG) status for each category. From this, you will gain an understanding of remediation steps and future recommendations. Our highly accredited team will conduct a thorough review of the following areas:

  • Physical Security
  • Preventative Measures
  • Incident Response / Disaster Recovery
  • System / Account Management
  • Infrastructure / Remote Access Control / Software and Hosting

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How does Cyber Gap Analysis Work?

  • Investigation

Investigation to provide independent and expert view on your current systems and controls in place to address cyber threats

  • Analysis

Vulnerability assessment and analysis to identify the threats, vulnerabilities and risk to your organisation

  • Reporting

Board focused deliverables with RAG status along with supplementary detailed technical content.

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