Simplify, Save and Grow with Inspired Information Technology Consolidation

Innovative IT solutions and a little Xperience, can help you cut the cost of your IT and give you the freedom and flexibility to focus on growing your business.

As the business community continues to adjust to the challenging environment, business priorities in relation to IT remain the same: contain costs, deal with IT skill shortages and take full advantage of new technologies.

Growing organisations demand more from their technology. This in turn puts more pressure on their IT environment and the people who manage it.

The need for more applications requires updated server technology to run them and this in turn leads to ‘server sprawl’ – multiple servers in multiple physical locations – with the associated high energy, maintenance and management costs.

It stands to reason therefore, that a reduction in the number of servers will lead to less complexity, improved systems management and better energy efficiency while driving down the total cost of ownership.

So what exactly does all that mean?

Patrick Leggett, Director at Lisburn based IT company Xperience Group points to two things; Virtualisation and IBM Blade technology.

“To help reduce server sprawl and consolidate underutilised standard servers, Xperience are helping many businesses turn to server virtualisation technology on IBM blade servers. Together these technologies can significantly reduce the amount of physical space, power and cooling required for your hardware infrastructure. When these two technologies are combined, IT also gains increased server utilisation of processing power, higher reliability, flexibility and serviceability.’

Virtualisation technology

Virtualisation is simply a way of running multiple independent virtual operating systems or applications on a single physical computer, making better use of space, power and budgets.

That means one server can be sliced or partitioned into several virtual servers, each running a separate operating system or application. This removes the need to keep buying servers in line with your demands on IT; and that can result in significant savings for your organisation.

Server virtualisation has allowed Northern Ireland companies with the need to have an ‘On-premise’ IT solution to consolidate anywhere from 4:1 to 20:1 virtual servers to physical IBM blade servers for many of their application environments.

So how important is the computer itself?

“The IBM BladeCenter is the ideal starting point for virtualisation technology. The IBM machine is an industry leader due to its flexibility in dealing with modern business requirements.

The IBM BladeCenter is a number of servers (blades), in one physical cabinet. It can dramatically simplify things for the IT team by integrating servers, storage, networking and management in one unit.

While each ‘blade’ contains all the necessities to run software applications i.e. processors, memory and storage; the chassis in which the blades slot, contains shared power supplies, cooling, storage, switching and management. This innovative, open design offers a very real alternative to today’s sprawling racks and overheated server rooms.

Reduce energy costs

IBM BladeCenters also offer energy-efficient designs and powerful tools to help monitor, control and allocate power consumption which reduces its impact on the environment. IBM’s built-in Energy Manager helps optimise energy efficiency enabling a quicker response to energy needs and costs.

Realise innovation

So while there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the issue of server sprawl, complexity and high running costs, an IBM BladeCenter from Xperience can allow you to build a flexible server foundation that is open, reliable and capable of running your business-critical workloads in a cost effective way. It also provides the perfect platform onto which you can consolidate your existing server workloads into a lower cost, easy to manage virtualised environment.

Xperience was the first IBM Business Partner in Ireland. For over 40 years, it has built foundations and growth on providing tier 1 IT solutions on IBM equipment. Xperience can provide a tailor made solution for your business needs and has the knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional service from consultation to installation and support.

For more information on IBM blade servers, Virtualisation and Cloud Services please contact the Total Cloud Solutions Team at Xperience.