Service365 Benefits

Improve profitability and manage your workforce effectively.

Service365 Benefits

Improve profitability and manage your workforce effectively.

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Service Management Software Benefits

Service365 is a fully integrated service management solution, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. With comprehensive features and functionality, it’s designed to help your business drive growth and efficiency through digital transformation.

Our Service Management System Benefits

Eliminate Manual and Duplicated Processes to Reduce Costs and Improve Cashflow
All the data is held in a single, fully integrated system, helping your business improve efficiency by eliminating the requirements for spreadsheets, call sheets and whiteboards. Service365 will allow you to automate invoice contracts and service calls, streamlining your processes.

Streamlined Operations
Contracts365 eliminates the need for paper-based systems, allowing you to digitise how you manage all your manual tasks, including how you complete risk assessments, health, and safety checklists, signature capture, invoicing and service sheets.

Improve Utilisation and Resource Management
We want you to manage your time and resources efficiently. With a drag and drop planning board and live updates from on-site engineers, you can schedule your time and workers more efficiently, reducing travel time and maximising the capacity of the engineer team, ensuring they are in the right place at the right time.

Increased Customer Satisfaction
Contracts365 helps your team reduce waiting times, meet SLAs and provide the best onsite service through its advanced mobile capabilities. Xperience aims to give your workforce the tools to exceed customer expectations and deliver an excellent customer experience.

Extensive Business Intelligence and Reporting
Produce timely and accurate reports for your organisation through our service management software. The information will always be up to date and accurate, so you can ensure your monthly reports can be created efficiently

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