SalesLogix Update initiates Microsoft Office 2013 Compatibility

The SalesLogix V8 Windows client is now compatible with Microsoft Office 2013 by using Update 08.

This system upgrade follows on from the news of Swiftpage’s acquisition of SalesLogix, announced earlier this year. The latest update confirms Swiftpage’s dedication to SalesLogix customers, and the future development of the CRM software.

Mike Ramsay, Managing Director of Xperience Group, commented on the recent update to SalesLogix v8, stating “Swiftpage are in a fantastic position to offer support and development for SalesLogix. Swiftpage have a long standing relationship with Sage, and had worked with the software prior to acquiring SalesLogix earlier this year. I’m sure this usability update will be just the start of a long and healthy development progress for the CRM solution, with SalesLogix remaining in safe hands”

The introduction of Microsoft Office 2013 compatibility now means users can make the most of the latest technology, whilst continuing to use SalesLogix v8 effectively. It also means businesses can advance further, developing their processes following on from the support the SalesLogix v8 and Microsoft Office 2013 integration can offer them.

Please note: SalesLogix v8 Web Client and Microsoft Office 2013 compatibility is not currently available.

About SalesLogix

SalesLogix is a CRM system designed to focus your business on your customer’s needs, in order to develop your relationships. SalesLogix is perfect for small to medium sized businesses, and can be used by Sales, Marketing, Support Teams and Customer Service.