Sage 200 Training

Our Sage 200 training will provide you with everything you need to know to see a return on your investment.

Training is Integral for Success

Training is integral for success, nevertheless often overlooked to save time and money. Without the correct training, user adoption can be affected, which will impact on the overall success.

To get the best return it is important to conduct proper training for all users – and of course, we will work with you to design a training schedule that meets your needs and budget.

The cost of cutting training 

Why Choose Sage Training from Us?
  • We have been a Sage Business Partner since 2004
  • We are a Sage 200 Certified Partner
  • All our trainers are Sage 200 accredited
  • We can provide practical accounting advice you can trust

Discuss your requirements

Sage 200 Training Options

Whether you are new to Sage 200 or you are an experienced user, we have a training course for you. We offer training courses according to user experience, product modules and job roles. All of our trainers are Sage 200 accredited, which means as well as providing training on functionality they can also offer best practice advice.


Bespoke Training Courses

We have a range of training agendas available to our clients. However, we recommend a ‘bespoke’ approach to training to ensure it is most effective for your business. We can provide you with our training agendas and you can select the components which are most relevant to you. 

On-site Training

We can deliver Sage 200 training at your offices with your own data, which means we can replicate real-life scenarios for maximum effectiveness. Alternatively, escape the distractions of the office and attend training at our offices where we are able to deliver your Sage 200 training programme. 

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