Sage 200 Standard

Sage 200 Standard is the next step from Sage 50 Accounts, allowing you to migrate your ERP data from your local servers into the cloud and access Sage 200 from any location.

Sage 200 Standard

Sage 200 Standard is the next step from Sage 50 Accounts, allowing you to migrate your ERP data from your local servers into the cloud and access Sage 200 from any location.

Affordable cloud accounting solution

Sage 200 is the natural upgrade from Sage 50 Accounts, allowing you to handle more transactions, get tighter integration with Microsoft 365, create in-depth reports, by region, product or salesperson, and better manage stock across multiple locations.

Sage 200 Versions - Sage 200 Standard vs Professional

Sage 200cloud Standard is ideal for managing more than financials, including detailed reports, advanced stock and trading capabilities, offering:

  • Cloud-based data storage
  •  Automatic updates
  • Online access from different sites
  • Simple dashboards and customisable views for data analysis on the go

As a result, this is the natural upgrade for Sage 50 users offering the support for a growing business, with similar look and feel for easy and quick adoption.

Sage 200 Professional has extra functionality suitable for complex supply and delivery processes, including highly customisable Project Accounting, CRM, Business Intelligence and Manufacturing modules. It is recommended for businesses with more advanced requirements.

Compare Sage 200 Standard & Professional 

Why choose Sage 200 Standard?
  • Cloud architecture
  • The ability to handle more concurrent users and transactions
  • Manage stock quantities across multiple locations
  • Create purchase orders from a sales order & automatically allocate to the sales order on receipt
  • Purchase Requisitions and Remote Authorisation
  • Advanced Excel reporting
  • Multi-Currency processing
  • CRM integration (via ISV add-on)

When to upgrade from Sage 50?

Is your business growing?

A growing business often means multiple warehouses, locations, or even currencies, and Sage 50 doesn’t have the capacity to handle this expansion with its restricted feature set

Do you use third-party apps or systems outside Sage 50?

If you use a CRM system, separate analytical tools or spreadsheets outside Sage 50, this often will require double entry of data, not to mention wasted hours trying to align and verify the data across these different solutions.

Is the speed of your Sage 50 system affecting your productivity?

Do you find Sage 50 can run slowly when running reports? Affecting your staff performance and preventing you from getting your reports on time? It might be the time to consider an upgrade. Additionally, with disparate systems, your team is probably using a lot of time to gather the information you need, which is out of date before its published.

Has your data been corrupted?

Data corruption in the Sage 50 database can be caused by power cuts, viruses and interference from other software. Any corruption will cause a major disruption whilst you wait for it to be repaired. The Sage 200 system was designed to handle the higher volumes of data growing businesses need.

Find out more about moving away from Sage 50

See the Bigger Picture

As your business grows you need the reassurance that the technology you use can grow with you. See our handy feature comparison to determine whether Sage 200 standard is right for your business.


Sage 200 Client Testimonials

“With the integration we were able to eliminate the double-entry of customer information, which helped us clean up our data and make it reliable. We have already identified that 8% of our active customers were not entered on our old CRM, so were never marketed to. Altogether we reduced the time-consuming administration processes, saving around 40% time for every new record we setup.”

Tim Holyomes


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For Auger Torque, having a global collaborative team is hugely reducing the R&D time, getting the right product to market faster and stopping us wasting time. With the new optimised process the’re keeping momentum and getting the buy-in from everybody, ensuring all teams have insight into the design, replacing the linear process we had before. “

Alistair Brydon

Auger Torque,

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“From raising an order to dispatching goods, we have total control over stock, ensuring availability and customer satisfaction. It’s so easy – stock in, stock out – everything gets registered through Sage, helping us be more responsive and competitive.”

Jaskaran Rai


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