WEBEX: A Delve into Sage 200 2016

Sage 200 constantly adapts to the changing requirements of your business, ensuring it can support you both now and in the future. The latest update focuses on helping you manage cash flow better and become more productive. If you are using Sage 200, version 2011 or below, this webex recording showcases the latest features you are missing in your edition to help you determine the value for your business…

The key changes to Sage 200 in the 2016 release have been built in line with customer feedback. These include integration with Sage Payments and Sage Pay for improved cash flow control as well as usability improvements for efficiency gains. In our WebEx, we explore the new features to help you enhance your business operation.

Sage 200 2016 Webinar highlights…

Improve cash flow management with Sage Payments

Sage 200 version 2016 will help you get paid faster by simplifying chasing customer payments. With the new ‘Pay Now’ button, which can be added to your customer invoices, you can introduce faster and more efficient payment options for improved cash flow management. Once the payment is made, it can be easily imported back to Sage 200 as a receipt, eliminating re-entry for complete control over your finances. Find out more here.

Automate payment processes for improved control and time savings

Yodlee bank feed functionality will allow you to seamlessly synchronise and reconcile payments and transactions from your bank software to improve efficiency and accuracy. This will remove the need re-key information, reducing manual data entry by up to 80%. If you make international payments, exchange rate fluctuations are managed and posted in Sage 200 automatically for you, so you don’t have to make any adjustments in your software.

Benefit from enhanced reporting for greater control over your business

Sage 200 Business Intelligence allows for comprehensive analysis of your business performance within the familiar format of Microsoft Excel®. You can quickly extract data with a single click to slice it further in Microsoft Excel® with pre-defined filters to highlight trends and areas for improvements. Find out more here.

To provide greater depth of reporting, improve cross business visibility and track performance in real-time, Sage 200 2016 introduced Microsoft Excel® reporting with nominal, customer, supplier and stock out-of-the-box reports. These are easily customised by adding additional data and worksheets, which can then be saved and uploaded to Sage 200 as new workbooks.

Manage your sales process with CRM

One of the most significant and exciting new features of Sage 200 2016 is the new Sales, Marketing & Service Module enabling seamless connections to Sage 200, including products purchased and invoice and order history. Combined with your sales and marketing data, the integration can provide a single view of your customer details, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

The new integration gives greater freedom as it allows Sage CRM to connect to different versions of Sage 200. What’s more, you can choose to upgrade either program without having to upgrade the other. Find out more here.