Could Sage 200 2016 save you £4.5k per year?

Sage 200 2016 release addresses some common business challenges, focusing on improving cash flow and helping you to get paid faster. If you’re considering investing in Sage 200 2016, here we provide a closer look at the latest features and functions.

With 68 per cent of companies having to wait 60 days or more for invoices to be paid Sage have introduced new features in the 200 2016 release to reduce late payments and tackle cash flow issues.

How Sage 200 2016 helps you…

As one of the most powerful ERP software solutions, Sage 200 constantly adapts to the changing requirements of your business, ensuring it can support you both now and in the future. Here we present some hard facts and numbers showing how Sage 200 2016 can considerably improve your business performance…

  • The average business could save up to £4,500 per year by using the Sage 200 2016 Get Paid Faster solution. Automating your payment processes, it will save time and reduce errors as well as make domestic and international payments secure. This will reduce late payments, saving you time on chasing debt and manually inputting data [Sage]
  • Handling cash costs an average of more than £3,600 per retailer, per year. Taking card or phone payments and adding ‘Pay Now’ buttons to your customer invoices will offer faster and more efficient payment options for improved cash flow management [Sage]
  • The reasons for late payments include internal invoice processing issues, extending the payment terms without consent, lost or misplaced invoices and invoices never received. Consequently, an average small businesses spend 336 hours every day chasing payments. Sage 200 2016 can help you to monitor which customers are late with their payments, so you can spot patterns more easily and, if necessary, change credit terms
  • More than 90% of businesses manually enter payments into their accounts software. By connecting your payment and accounting software you can save time, ensuring your data is always up-to-date [Sage]

Still not convinced?

As well as allowing greater control of cash flow, Sage gives you a far greater user experience, focusing on improving your daily routine.

Remote payments

Integrated seamlessly with Sage 200 and Sage 200 Online, Sage Payments is the new and easy way to pay your employees and suppliers. Enabling remote anytime access, Sage Payments is accessible on any device, offering the convenience of making and approving payments regardless of the location.

Improved forecast accuracy

To provide greater depth of reporting, Sage 200 2016 introduced commitment reporting to allow you to raise a purchase order and report on the committed cost before the order has been received or invoiced. This enables better control over expected cash flow, helping planning for future.

Real-time view of your financial and CRM data

Sage 200 2016 features a new ‘connector’ linking Sage 200 and what is the new ‘Sage CRM’ – Sales, Marketing and Service (SMS) module, enabling users to input data in real-time, without waiting for synchronisation, for improved customer service levels. With full visibility of key financial data and customer purchase history, it is possible to effectively identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities and resolve customer issues to improve retention.

Automated data entry

Integration of Yodlee bank* feed enables to automate bank transactions seamlessly with Sage 200, increasing efficiency and reducing manual data entry by 80 per cent. Added to this, Yodlee bank feed gathers information from your bank, and downloads bank transaction details for display in Sage 200 allowing you to view and compare your bank information in real-time.

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*Offered to Sage 200 Extra Services customers as part of their annual subscription.