Should I Upgrade to Sage 200 2015?

In order for your business to succeed, you require a solution that is easy to use and provides usable data that allows you to obtain better business outcomes. Here we show you how this is possible, by introducing you to the leading ERP solution, Sage 200 2015…

Sage 200 2015 has been touted as the most significant release in 10 years, addressing the growing demand for streamlined, flexible, integrated and accessible solutions, but if you are not familiar with Sage 200, what’s in it for you? As well as a desktop version, Sage 200 2015 enables you to access your business systems and data easily through a variety of mobile devices and via the cloud, furthermore it provides the most intuitive, streamlined navigation that can significantly increase your productivity.

Businesses have come to realise that the data they hold is the most valuable asset they have and it is this that has increased the development of solutions that transform this “big data” into strategic business decisions. With Sage 200 2015 your data is converted into intelligence for you, so you don’t have to be an IT genius or a data analyst to benefit.

Is Sage 200 for you?

Firstly you need to assess whether Sage 200 is for you. As it’s a modular solution, it is ideal for most businesses, with a variety of modules extending the capabilities of this software further. If you fall under any of the following scenarios, this solution could significantly improve your business, giving you the means to obtain better business outcomes.

  • Your existing systems are fairly old and not up to date with the latest legislation
  • You only have access to your business data when you’re at your computer in the office
  • You lack the ability to accurately record, manage, monitor and predict the outcomes of your business strategies
  • Departments in your business use a variety of systems and software to record data, sometimes resulting in duplication and making it difficult to obtain a real-time overview of your business
  • Your business uses a variety of time consuming, repetitive manual tasks
  • You’ve grown and have the budget available to implement a company-wide solution

What makes Sage 200 2015 so easy to use?


Unlike many solutions, Sage 200 2015 adapts to the changing complexities and requirements of your business, giving you improved control, insight and support. It is incredibly intuitive, reacting to your behaviour and work patterns in order to create one-click options to frequently accessed areas from your personalised homepage.

Take a look here…


To further aid navigation, ease of use and adoption, process maps make it easy for users to follow a set workflow, each icon is clickable and launches that specific function.


It provides familiarity with excel reporting, LinkedIn for sales and MailChimp email marketing. You also benefit from access to Sage 200 CRM v7.3.

Help and Support

There is a dedicated help screen, with guides videos and links to further online resources. You get the support you need with Sage 200 services and support from us.

Once you have mastered the software you can begin to utilise the available data…

How does Sage 200 2015 provide usable data?

Data is required to ensure you obtain better business outcomes and maintain your competitive advantage. You must utilise accurate data analysis and detailed reporting to steer business strategies. Improved communication and collaboration through a centralised and company-wide solution will allow you to compare data, drill-down data and interpret it to fuel business strategies.


There are a variety of features that not only make Sage 200 easier to use, but also provide easy access to data. Summary dashboards provide users with a live overview of their business that is visual and easy to understand.


To ensure data is accurate, the project accounting feature allows users to align costs and revenues to find the true profitability of a project, and the fixed assets module allows you to set up, depreciate, dispose and delete assets.


Excel reporting capabilities aid the creation of drillable reports providing you with usable data and business intelligence. Find out more here.

By utilising an ERP solution, you’ll benefit from optimised processes and workflows that will increase productivity, saving you time, money and resource. You’ll be able to improve the interaction between departments and gain a complete view of your business, including sales, inventory, accounts and much more. Furthermore, you’ll have the means to obtain better business outcomes.

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