Sage 200 2013 - Coming Soon

Sage have announced the new version of Sage 200, Sage 200 v2013, is due for release on the 6th August 2013. Sage 200 v2013 extends the comprehensive ERP functionality by giving users more choice and freedom- with a range of deployment and accessibility options.

“Sage 200 2013 really pushes the freedom of choice aspect for users” comments John Hinckley, Sage Accounting Products Manager at Xperience Group. “Sage 200 2013 brings with it choice for deployment, as well as web access for remote users and extended workspace capabilities. This release offers a new flexibility and is easily adapted to different businesses needs and working styles.”

Sage 200 is an ERP solution designed to manage finances, customers and business insight within one solution. Sage 200 facilitates information sharing across disparate departments, for complete visibility of customer information across the organisation and enhanced efficiency. The entire customer lifecycle can be tracked from enquiry through to sale, invoice and delivery providing invaluable business intelligence to support decision making.

The new Sage 200 release provides users with a choice of deployment methods, online or installed on premise, as well as flexibility on payment terms, with upfront or pay monthly options. This new feature is key for growing businesses, where ERP functionality is required to grow but budgets are not available to purchase software outright.

Choice also presents itself with the types of user available in the Sage 200 2013 release, Users who require intermittent use of the system for lightweight tasks can now access Sage elements of 200 using a web user license. This new web user access opens up functionality to enter timesheets, expenses, authorise purchase orders and view workspace data.