We are committed to providing high-quality services to all our clients. When something goes wrong, we need you to tell us about it so we can help put it right.
We’ll put things right

When we receive your complaint, we’ll process it in line with our complaints handling procedure to ensure the matter is dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Receive & Classify

We’ll capture the information that you’ve sent to us, review it and where necessary, escalate it to the right person. For non-critical complaints, we aim to respond to you within 2 working days and for critical issues, we’ aim to respond within 1 working day. For all complaints and for cases of abuse or spam we will reply within a maximum of 5 business days.  Please email abuse@xperience-group.com for these instances so they can be dealt with effectively and efficiently.

Acknowledge & Investigate

We’ll be in contact with you to confirm receipt of your complaint and to seek more information where required. Whilst it may take us additional time to investigate your issue when we have the information that we need, we’ll do our best to resolve any issues and to address any concerns that you might have when we first make contact. If that’s not possible, we’ll start investigating your complaint in further detail.

Resolve & Confirm

We’ll work extremely hard to resolve your complaint. If it’s something that we can’t easily address, we’ll inform you of the actions that need to be carried out, the associated timelines and involve other members of our management team where required. Once the matter has been resolved, we’ll be in touch to confirm that you’re happy with the outcome.

If you are still not satisfied

If however, you’re not entirely satisfied with how your complaint has been handled or the outcome, please contact Richard Kennedy, Director.

Email: Richard.Kennedy@xperience-group.com
Phone: 02892 677533

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