Remote Working Made Possible

Remote Working Made Possible

Building a Secure, Collaborative and Productive Remote Working Environment

When it comes to remote working, building an environment which gives you the same flexibility and scope as being in the office is crucial. There are five key questions that you need to ask to ensure remote working success for your business and true digital transformation for the long term. These include:

  • How do I communicate and engage with my teams in a forum that is flexible yet productive?
  • When in the office I knew the business and its data was secure behind our firewalls. With everyone now working at home, how do I ensure the business is getting the same level of protection?
  • General home working management was easy in the office when an employee needed a new security patch I could roll it out when they were connected to our network. But, what now?
  • Pipeline management is more important than ever. I need to ensure I have full visibility of our opportunities and I’m generating as many leads as I can, but how can I do it better?
  • Cash is king right now. However, the systems that have worked well for me before are not giving me what I need. I can’t access data and reports, I’m struggling to get online from home and the system itself is proving to be challenging, I need to change quickly.

How Xperience Can help

Xperience Cloud / IT platform
Be more secure, more resilient and work from anywhere on any device.

Imagine if your employees’ commute to work only took as long as it takes to boot-up their laptop and that they could work from any location on any device, without impacting their productivity or efficiency. And that their working hours fitted around their home life. Our clients don’t need to imagine this, as our solutions drive digital transformation, enhance security whilst improving business efficiencies.

Cloud technology is the lynchpin of remote working. At Xperience, we operate four cloud computing platforms, which are built to deliver 100% uptime so that your business can work flexibly and uninterrupted.  By utilising the cloud, employees can access their normal systems, applications and data from any location and on any device.

Xperience Security

Prepare, protect, detect and respond to cyber threats

Whilst working from home opens up great opportunities for businesses and their employees’ consideration still needs to be given to how secure their remote working is; GDPR rules and data security still apply and any security breach will impact your business and its reputation.

Remote working and the use of personal devices can introduce significant, yet avoidable business risks. At Xperience, we help our clients prepare, protect, detect and respond to cyber security threats by utilising the power of our cloud computing platforms to address the unknown.

Our comprehensive range of security solutions, including real-time threat protection and mitigation, anti-virus, anti-spam, patch management, vulnerability scanning and backups – can be deployed remotely whilst being tailored to meet your specific business needs.

For the ultimate level of protection, our highly innovative Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) platform offers comprehensive features including real-time threat detection and mitigation by filtering all office and remote worker traffic through our datacenters, to drastically improve security and privacy. This is where Xperience excels.

Xperience Collaboration

Collaboration made easy

Overnight, remote working became the new norm for many of us. Without the right tools in place collaboration becomes almost impossible which has another negative side effect – loss of productivity. Businesses need access to tools that will allow their employees to work from anywhere on any device, will bring their teams and resources together and will allow them to host online meetings with internal stakeholders and external clients.

Xperience can make collaboration easy through the use of Microsoft Teams, part of the Office 365 suite. It is a powerful hub for teamwork and brings together chat, video calling, files and apps into a shared workspace allowing your employees to work from any location and any device. Microsoft Teams is also fully integrated with many other Office 365 services, such as Skype, SharePoint, Exchange, and Yammer to make sure you can supercharge collaboration across your organisation.

Xperience Productivity

Supercharge productivity

With enforced lockdown many businesses have had to move to a remote working model. But, what happens if you have legacy core systems that are not cloud-based and can’t be accessed remotely? When you are working from home are you able to access the lifeblood of your company including your sales pipeline, customers and prospects and more importantly are you able to get a complete view of your business’ financial health?

Do you have access to customisable dashboards so that you can access real-time, actionable data on the next steps that you need to take as a business so that you can make the right decisions at the right time during this period of uncertainty?

If you answered ‘no’ to these questions, the productivity of your employees will be impacted and you may need to review your CRM and ERP systems. Working from home does not mean that work has to stop. Xperience provides cloud-based CRM and ERP systems that help you increase productivity, remove silos, access your core systems anywhere, anytime, connect with your customers, manage your financial position and gain actionable insights so that you get a complete view of your business with connected data. Our solutions also integrate with a huge range of applications to supercharge productivity and give you a holistic view of your business.

Xperience Reporting and BI

Get complete access to accurate, actionable and controlled business data, anywhere

Access to intelligence about the performance of your business has never been more important. Visibility and transparency of managing debt collection and your cash position as well as limiting payments to suppliers will be key to ensuring that your business survives in the current climate.

Access to customised dashboards and reporting tools to ensure that you receive the relevant information at the right time is imperative. Now is not the time for manual processing of reports or the potential for human error when instant, real-time access is crucial.

Xperience provides a range of real-time and customisable reporting and business intelligence tools such as Power BI to provide you with access to accurate, actionable and relevant data at the right time. We can create customised dashboards, export data to excel, provide native app reporting capabilities as well as SQL reporting services to make sure that you get the data and the information you need from your systems.

Our solutions give our clients the ability to collect data effectively and transform insight into action. Get real insight into your financial and sales performance, cost optimisation, operational optimisation and see into the future with predictive analytics.

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