Reimagine Productivity with Dynamics 365

Is your business technology standing in the way of growth? Are your business opportunities limited by basic accounting software and stand-alone CRM systems? Would life be easier if you had one solution, designed to fuel business growth? If the answer is yes, we have the answer…

Microsoft has realised that investing in a complete technology overhaul isn’t always a realistic option for SME’s. Which is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes in…

Our recent blog provided a ‘first look’ into what Dynamics 365 is all about. Now we take a deeper look at how Dynamics 365 enables you to transform your organisation into a flexible, affordable driver of innovation:

Gain Insights & Make Smarter Decisions

You’ve been compiling years of data without even realising it. But what do you use it for? Dynamics 365 enables you to harness the power of your data to improve processes, spot trends faster and outperform your competitors. With data-rich, interactive dashboards, you can analyse all of your customer data in one view to identify winning sales tactics before your competitors do!

Improve Productivity

Did you know that 40 % of a worker’s productive time is lost when switching between tasks?  Dynamics 365 takes you beyond stand-alone business systems by giving you access to all of the applications that fit your role and industry, housed under one roof. By reducing the number of systems you need to switch between, you can improve efficiency and allow your team to focus on being 100% productive.

Do Business Anywhere

According to research, 58% of business people say remote working helps them to better connect with clients and prospects. And if you’re wondering, ‘How can I work with my team from outside the office?’

With Dynamics 365, you can bring your office with you and connect with your customers from anywhere with enhanced, secure access to tools and data across all your devices. With the ability to track presence and instantly message team members, you can share and collaborate in real time and get the answers right when you need them!

Manage Your Business, Not Your Servers

Do you want the ability to manage your business without the cost of installing, updating and maintaining your software and hardware? Running your business applications in the cloud means reduced upfront costs and no costly on-site servers to manage. Plus, you can add or remove users as your team changes!