Pegasus Event Summary: Opera II, It's behind you

Xperience Group and Pegasus recently ran an exciting Pegasus Opera event at the Grand Opera House, Belfast. The event was attended by over 30 Opera II customers who wished to upgrade to Pegasus Opera 3, moving away from the legacy Opera II system.

Three weeks on from the event, Xperience Group are pleased to announce over one third of attendees have already secured and scheduled their Opera 3 upgrade!

Pegasus showcased the exciting features within Opera 3, as well as forthcoming functionality which includes Mobile Sales Order Processing and the new Payroll Self Service tool, which can help alleviate pressure on Payroll departments, providing staff with access to their own personal details, time-sheets, pension information and payslips.

For the first time, Pegasus presented Opera II customers with a full road-map for Opera 3, unveiling plans to move Opera 3 to a fully fledge .Net, SQL platform that will help ensure Pegasus Opera products stay relevant for years to come.

Xperience Group Director Patrick Leggett Commented, “We were delighted to host this joint event with Pegasus and showcase the roadmap for Opera 3 to our customers. I’m confident that Opera 3 will be able to drive business growth and ensure our customers can look forward to the future. We have received positive feedback and are glad to see many customers already moving away from the Opera II legacy system.”

The event helped raised awareness of the direction Pegasus are taking the Opera platform, highlighting the potential business challenges faced by remaining on the Opera II legacy system. By highlighting the potential costs, financial and otherwise, and ensuring customers are able to schedule an upgrade at a convenient time, Pegasus were able to present a compelling business case for making the move to Opera 3 sooner, rather than later.

Pegasus Opera II “It’s Behind you”