Pegasus Auto Enrolment Workshop

Auto Enrolment presents the biggest change to pensions legislation in a century and forms the central pillar of the government’s pension reform agenda. However, these changes present considerable challenges to businesses in terms of implementation and administration.

Auto Enrolment affects all businesses, although unique staging dates (beginning in 2012, with final stages in 2018) mean that different businesses will be required to make the necessary changes at different times.

It is essential for all businesses to make preparations in advance of the staging date, and in order to provide support to our customers ahead of their transition we are hosting Auto Enrolment Workshops. The first Auto Enrolment Workshops will take place on 21st November 2013, two sessions are available with the first starting at 09:30 and the second at 13:30.

Xperience’s Payroll and Pegasus experts will provide insightful information and advice to those in attendance, topics include; employer responsibilities, enrolling employees, manual and automated assessments, and advance pension advice.

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