Michael Orr, Graduate Client Account Manager

Published: 15 December 2022

Job Title: Graduate Client Account Manager
Location: Lisburn
Degree: Business Management at Queen’s University, Belfast
Start date: 3rd October 2022


How did your career journey begin at Xperience?

The initial induction was held in Peterborough, which provided the opportunity for the graduates to all meet each other in person.  The Senior Leadership Team and Managers gave us a warm welcome and delivered a high-level overview of the different pillars of the business.

What was your experience of the recruitment process?

After my initial application and screening call with the People Team, I was invited to attend an online assessment centre. This was a really positive experience, it consisted of a variety of interactive tasks such as case studies and presentations which meant everyone was very involved throughout. It also isn’t a technical test, so I was able to focus on being myself and displaying my personality.

After the assessment centre, I was invited to a final stage interview. This was a competency-based interview with my future manager and one of the People Team. This required some preparation to demonstrate the skills I developed at university and through placements to show I was a suitable fit for the role! It is also a great opportunity to ask any additional questions.

What does a typical day as a Graduate Client Account Manager look like?

A typical day involves working in partnership with clients to understand which services we offer that would best suit their business. One thing I have learnt so far is that there is no one size fits all solution, so it is important to tailor your approach to individual clients. We also work closely with other teams at Xperience to ensure projects are running smoothly and clients are receiving an exceptional level of service.

What skills does a Graduate Client Account Manager need?

Building relationships is key, you’ll constantly be in contact with clients and having a strong relationship built on trust is very valuable. Being proactive is also essential, it is important to work with your clients to have a plan for the future and to mitigate problems before they arise.

What do you like most about working at Xperience?

For me it has been the people, everyone wants to help you succeed in your career and there is a real sense of belonging at Xperience.

What are your expectations for the future at Xperience?

Xperience have an incredible vision for the future and I see myself growing my career alongside this.

What have you enjoyed most about the Academy Workshops so far and what have you learnt?

It has exposed me to new skills and concepts which I have been able to takeaway, investigate and apply to my role. Learning how to effectively manage your workload has been a major takeaway for me, to ensure I am using my time effectively and remaining productive.

Why would you recommend Xperience as a great place to work?

It is an exciting company with an ambitious vision, which provides opportunities to progress your career. The people also play a massive part, everyone in the company is willing to lend a hand where possible. This is evident with the level of collaboration across teams to solve complex issues.

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