New Year's Resolutions for Business Success

It’s inevitable that the start of a new year brings resolutions to change, or improve, our personal lives and habits. However, writes Sage UK’s Business Blog, maybe it’s time to start making resolutions in our business practices, too?

Mike Ramsay, Managing Director of Xperience Group, commented on the suggested business resolutions, stating “It’s always easier to make a changes and resolutions every January. But it’s not just your personal lives that you can make alterations to. Looking at your business software and processes and addressing any issues, could really help to improve your business performance.”

Suggestions for a Great 2013 from Sage UK

In 2013, try to grow your business network

Start to build a solid support network that you can really rely on, and often businesses in the same situation as you are the best place to start. However, rather than just expanding your network, focus on continuing to develop existing relationships.

Finding an effective CRM solution, like Sage ACT, Sage CRM or Sage SalesLogix, can not only support your current relationships, but it can help build the foundations for a larger network, in the future.

Do not neglect websites in favour for social media

Traditional methods of communication, like websites, are often the first place customers look to find out more about your business. So if your website is not up to date, then it could reflect badly on your business. Make sure content is up to date and relevant to dramatically improve customer perception and convey a more positive brand image.

As a business devotes more time to customer communications, their attention will be taken in several different directions

Try to minimise distractions and interruptions, and switch off all external communications. Take a short break between tasks too, to really maximise individual job effectiveness.

Keep financial and customer records up to date throughout the year to help effective decision making

Proactive bookkeeping can also help to assess if a current system are still meeting your business requirements and when it’s right to make changes. Is the current software easy to use, whilst also providing effective features? If not, it could be time to upgrade.

Outsourcing IT can be a great way of freeing up time and resources, allowing users to devote more time to revenue generating activities

Outsourcing options available include outside management of networks and infrastructure, as well as hosted solutions.

Designed with small to medium businesses in mind, TotalCare Managed IT Services provides next level customer service, as well as full support for business computing infrastructure. Ensure your IT infrastructure is serving you well with our Free IT Audit Service.

Focus efforts, and simplify any actions

Keeping a business on track by defining one key objective can prevent less important ideals overshadowing the fundamental ones. By simplifying any goals for the new year, it can also make achieving them much easier, as they are already clearly set out.

Original Article Published via the Sage UK Blog 08/01/2013