Act v18.2, is it Worth the Investment?

Act v18.2 has just been released, which often prompts users of older versions of Act to consider upgrading. In this post we answer the question, is it really worth the investment?

The new release include some new features that aid automation of sales and marketing processes, which is great. But what is really significant about this release is it offers a new pricing model which makes it more affordable than ever before and a new API (application programming interface) Platform, which allows you to integrate Act with your favourite business applications. So, with the new release you do get a lot of ‘bang for your buck’.

Is Act v18.2 for you?

Do you use lots of different apps in your day-to-day activities?

The average business uses up to 13 different applications, including Survey Monkey, Eventbrite or PayPal.  If you are like the average business,  it makes business sense to integrate the applications you use with your CRM software to streamline your business processes and access greater insight. This is now a reality – Swiftpage have introduce Act Connect, an API platform offering integration with the other applications you use.

Act Connect provides seamless integration with your favourite apps – it captures the data and organises it into actionable insights – which means you can work smarter. For example, you could automatically route new leads from your website directly into your Act for immediate follow-up by your sales team or pull financial information from an accounting package like QuickBooks to quickly review outstanding transactions and balances. Swiftpage boasts no other CRM vendor is offering this level of integration with hundreds of third party tools without a web server.

Fancy a rest? Work smarter, not harder.

According to the American Psychological Association, shifting between tasks (or applications) can result in 40 per cent productivity loss. Therefore Act has developed a single experience, eliminating many distractions and allowing you to utilise one application for a variety of tasks. The new Act Connect will interacts with numerous business applications, synchronising data and allowing you to follow up directly from your Act, avoiding the need to constantly switch between applications.

Could your cash flow do with a boost?

Act v18.2 has a subscription pricing model – this means you no longer pay up front for your software licenses and instead your payments are broken down into installments. So if you want to buy Act but you don’t want your cash flow to take a hit, you can! According to entrepreneur.com, subscription business models are growing in popularity, because they offer a flat rate which helps customers stay within their budgets and anticipate expenditures for better forecasting. With no upfront license costs and the ability to pay as you go, Act subscription gives you a more affordable and flexible solution, enabling improved cash flow management and business planning. Included in the package are upgrades and new features as they are developed, ensuring you always stay up-to-date.

Do you suffer from compatability issues?

If you upgrade your operating system to the latest version, such as Windows 10, it often has implications for your business software. With the Act v18.2 (and future releases) compatability problems will be a thing of the past. The latest release is supported for Chrome and Internet Explorer 11, as well as  Office 2016 and Windows 10. What’s more, with the new subscription delivery model you are always have access to the latest features & services as soon as they are available. If a new operating system is released, you’ll get an update which ensures you will have now no compatibility issues.

Common questions:

What if I am using Act Premium Cloud?

If you are a Xperience Group Act Premium Cloud customer you will be automatically upgraded to this release on the weekend of 20th and 22nd August. Please check your inbox for your upgrade instructions.

What if the version I’m using is fairly recent?

If you use Act v16 or v17 upgrading before November will bring you a minimum of 10% in savings. Act v16 actually reaches ‘End of Life’ in November, so if you decide to upgrade after this date you will have to pay the full price for the latest release.

What if I’m not an Act user?

Looking for a new CRM solution? Act CRM is perfect for small or medium-sized business looking for an affordable CRM solution to manage sales and marketing functions within the business.

To make sure you are making the right decision, download our CRM Buyer’s guide here.