Dynamics 365 Sales

Empower your sales reps to work faster and smarter. Deliver a personalised buying experience to convert more leads and close more deals.

Dynamics 365 Sales

Empower your sales reps to work faster and smarter. Deliver a personalised buying experience to convert more leads and close more deals.

What is Dynamics 365 Sales?

Dynamic 365 Sales allows you to:

  • Go beyond traditional sales force automation t better understand customer needs,
  • Engage more effectively, and win more deals.
  • Sell faster and smarter with embedded insights, nurture relationships, boost productivity and accelerate sales performance.
  • Use AI capabilities to track customer relationships and automate sales execution with contextual prompts that drive sales strategy.

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What are the Dynamics 365 Sales benefits?

With Dynamics 365 for Sales you can:

  • Improve win rate with a dynamic, event-driven sales process – transform leaky sales pipelines by making sure all leads are followed up and processes are automated. Increase accountability and visibility of lead to quote ratios.
  • Automate manual quotation process – standardise and automate quoting to reduce length of sales cycle and release selling time back to staff.
  • Customised dashboards and reporting tools – Increase pipeline visibility and forecasting accuracy to make actionable decisions on real data. Identify buying trends and drop-offs in product or customer sales. Remove siloed data sets by reducing or integrating systems and centralising data. Minimise overall costs and increase employee efficiency.
  • Deliver a series of micro experiences that create true customer advocacy for your brand – improve the customer experience through more efficient management of the customer life-cycle, helping you drive more sales.
  • Integrate with Linkedin – manage your Linkedin account within Dynamics 365. Manage day-to-day Linkedin activity, identify and build out your relationships with prospects and customers and keep your data up to date.
  • Engage and collaborate around strategic deals – ensure that you have the best chance of closing.
  • Increase business valuation – create a repeatable and scalable business model that increases Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).
  • Increase campaign effectiveness – manage, track and measure campaign ROI driving decisions for future campaigns. Avoid scatter gun marketing by identifying and marketing to the right audience.
  • Work anytime, anywhere from any device designed for the mobile world.

See the Bigger Picture

Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines CRM and ERP functionality with Microsoft 365 applications (formerly Office 365) into a single cloud solution to transform your business processes.

Therefore to experience a real difference it is important to embrace the complete Dynamics 365 Suite…

See how our customers are growing their business with Microsoft Dynamics 365

“With the integration we were able to eliminate the double-entry of customer information, which helped us clean up our data and make it reliable. We have already identified that 8% of our active customers were not entered on our old CRM, so were never marketed to. Altogether we reduced the time-consuming administration processes, saving around 40% time for every new record we setup.”

Tim Holyomes


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“With Dynamics 365 for Field Service our engineers are able to complete all service steps electronically and, with instant access to stock levels and customer information they can complete maintenance tasks much faster and more accurately.”

Lisa Cresswell

BMG Labtech

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“The information available is brilliant. It allowed us to understand the volume and type of support calls better than we did historically! With better visibility we are able to make better informed decisions about our products and services, in line with customer needs!”

Michael Leeds

APR Telecoms

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